An Update.

In keeping with trying to not let my blog languish, and keep it a bit more up to date, I thought I’d do an update to the last two posts I made. Firstly, regarding the music, no progress has been made. I downloaded a DAW called Cakewalk and have had a short look at it….

Too Late?

Is 40 too late to decide you want to create some lo-fi beats? Well, every day’s a school day!


Ever since I got the small PUNX tattoo on my wrist back when I was about 18, I’ve wanted something specific tattooed onto me. Song lyrics. Straight after getting the punx heart, a copy of Brody Dalle’s tattoo, I wanted to get another one. I couldn’t afford it at the time and the idea just…

Headphone Review: Raycon E50.

Just keep your mind occupied, that’s the best thing to do! I can’t write reviews, I can barely write full stop, but here we go. Introduction: I recently traded a load of shit in to CEX that I needed to get rid of. Some for trade, some for cash. The catalyst for doing so was…

What Next?

I just had to relearn how to write posts on here. Amazing. Anyway, I feel like I could possibly be bothered to breakdown another music video but I am at a loss for what, so despite my better judgement, I’m opening it up to suggestions. I’m apparently getting quite a few people a day reading…

Electric Batawang!

I guess the best thing to do is just jump into it. I’ve been gone for ages. I’ve put out posts about music videos and such but I’ve not blogged in FOREVER. I could look and get an exact date but I’m not doing anything that would seem like research. I like to be inaccurate…

Time To Go.

So, it’s time to go. The site will cease to exist some point over the next couple of weeks. I can’t afford to renew it. If there’s anything you want to keep I suggest you save it now! Thanks, everyone. x


Why not do a post now! *sigh*. I was about to say that I can’t sleep, but then I haven’t even tried to sleep. I suppose I should. I’m hoping to achieve great things tom… today. Get lots done rather than procrastinate all day and essentially do nothing. Getting my hair cut and meeting my…

What Up, 2019?!

Firstly, new year, new m… fuck off. I’m not changing who I am because it’s January again. Fuck off, also, to anyone who pressures you to be different just because it’s a new year. Be who you want to be, the person that makes you happy. If that means changing, change, if it doesn’t, don’t….