In an effort to have something to do, a more focused thing to write about, with a semblance of creativity, I’m going to give out some mother fucking awards. First up, Nero! There we go, a little Roman God / Incest joke for you there. People say I’m not adaptable. I don’t see it.

The way this works is very simple. I’ll be dishing out awards for hand picked years of human existence and writing about it all on this very website. To navigate the entire endeavour you can find links below, or not, if I was too lazy to bother putting them in, or at the top where it says “Awards”, you can use the drop down menu to go to the year you want to visit!

What are the rules? Generally there are no rules as undoubtedly I will break them by the time the second award rolls around. Essentially this:

1) What I say goes.

2) Songs can be considered for a specific year if, a) It was released as a single in that year, or b) It was on an album released in that year.

3) The year something was released can be either the year it was released in the UK or the year it was released in the US.

For example. An album is released in 1974 in the US and 1975 in the UK, then the album is available for both years. Similarly, a single from that album released in 1973 is eligible for all 3 years. This is just to give me the freedom to make decisions on what wins and what doesn’t, and largely, I’ll be trying to keep things as strict as possible when it comes to what year something should be included for.

On with the show! (There’s no show, just me waffling).

To see the Awards for 1980, click here!