An Update.


In keeping with trying to not let my blog languish, and keep it a bit more up to date, I thought I’d do an update to the last two posts I made.

Firstly, regarding the music, no progress has been made. I downloaded a DAW called Cakewalk and have had a short look at it. It looks super complicated but that’s mostly just my uneducated eyes. I will take some time soon to start to learn how to put stuff together with it. I also, as I saw one super cheap, added a small keyboard to the drum pad I already bought. I don’t think I’d need any other instruments as largely, the Lo-Fi stuff will be structured with samples and such. Once I wrap my mind around it all, I’ll start looking at things like Splice to get plug-ins and loops to use!

Secondly, the lyrics tattoo hasn’t happened yet and may not for some time as I can’t afford it really. I have added to my tattoos recently thought. Firstly, I got the Skottie Young Spider-Gwen from his variant cover of Spider-Gwen #1. To that I then added some silhouette palm trees in from of a Synthwave style sun, and lastly, sticking with Synthwave, I added a Pizza Zone cup from some of The Midnight’s music artwork. Very happy with all three of them. Pictures below.

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