Headphone Review: Raycon E50.


Just keep your mind occupied, that’s the best thing to do! I can’t write reviews, I can barely write full stop, but here we go.


I recently traded a load of shit in to CEX that I needed to get rid of. Some for trade, some for cash. The catalyst for doing so was that I wanted Ghost of Tsushima for the PS4. After I’d purchased that, I had some money left on a voucher with very little in the shop that I wanted to get. I took the voucher home and had a flick through the website. Whilst doing so I had in the back of my mind that I wanted to get some fully wireless headphones at some point. So, I had a look to see what they had.

Recently it seems that every fucking YouTube video ever is sponsored by Raycon and so those were the first pair I searched for. I found the E50s and since it wasn’t real money I just bought them. Second hand, £60. No idea how much they are new… *googles*… YOU KNOW WHAT? FINDING A PAIR OF THE FUCKING THINGS IS ODDLY HARD! I’m gonna estimate they’re about £80 as the model down are around £60. They arrived yesterday and they’re like new anyway, so I’d say £60 wasn’t a bad price to be fair.

My first impressions of them wasn’t good as whomever had them prior had managed to get them so they weren’t synced to each other. The instructions for resetting them are stupid and don’t actually explain how to do it correctly. To YouTube I went and within 2 minutes had my answers and had them sorted. On with the review.


I’ve been wearing them more or less the whole time for the last couple of days. They’re actually really cosy. They’re not hurting my ear and they’ve created a decent seal. Not *overly* brilliant or anything, but adequate. They let a little noise in, but, as I frequently just walk into roads without looking, I’m fine with that. They came with various size tips (lol) and I could probably get a better seal with some slightly bigger tips (lol lol) but I’m happy with the ones I have chosen.

The earbuds push into your ear canal and then kind of hook under… that… other part of your ear. I’m not googling it. I did a bit of testing earlier to see if I could get them to fall out and I genuinely couldn’t. Being a strapping young man I jumped up and down for over 5 minutes* whilst shaking my head and the things wouldn’t budge. Kudos. Given that they’re this comfy I’d say they’d be a great pair of headphones if you talk on the phone a lot and you want a good alternative for a shitty Bluetooth headset. You’d look less of a wanker with these.


They look pretty nice and they’re black and blue. Other colours are available. I’m not googling it. Erm. I don’t know what else I have to say on that really. OH! Yes, I have a huge issue here! The case doesn’t close properly with the ear tips I use on them. It’s a little annoying. Basically the magnet isn’t strong enough to close the case fully and thus create a contact to start the headphones charging. I’ve taken to just putting an elastic band round them. I imagine other people using smaller tips won’t have this issue. As usual I’m paying the price for having a big head.

Sound and Battery Quality:

Surprisingly good. Essentially these are going to be my backup headphones. On a daily basis I use 3 main pairs of headphones. The Raycon E50s will be joining my Beats X as well as my Sony CH700Ns. Why this many pairs? Well, for one, I don’t like not having headphones at my disposal. So, when some run out, whilst they charge I use others. The Beats are my main go to pair, I use them most of the day for music or talking on the phone. The battery will get you through most of the day with just audio playback, and probably about 3 hours on the phone. The CH700s have a much bigger battery which gives you closer to 30 hours of audio playback. Those are the backups as they’re always ready to go. They’re also noise cancelling which is always nice. These Raycons have a battery of about 5 hours audio playback. Not sure how long they’d last on the phone, not really tested that, but obviously, as the case acts as the charger they can be quickly charged to keep going. The case holds about 4 or 5 full headphone charges, so they will last over 24 hours with charges in between from one case charge. Not bad.

As for the sound, again, surprisingly good. I’d say they’re on par with the Beats X I use. They’re not overly bassy, which I like as I want my music to sound a bit more clear. There has been a couple of moments where I’ve heard a tiny, tiny bit of distortion on full volume which I never have on the Beats, but for £50 less than the Beats were, that’s not at all surprising. Despite that they’ve got good lows and good mids. The highs are fine also and you get a fairly crisp sound. They’re not going to be ranking very well up there on the proper audiophile range of headphones such as the Sennheisers of the world but at this price point, they’ll fucking do.


Now. I’m not going to review this aspect. I’m just going to list them and I think you’ll see my point. So, both headphones have a button…

Left Ear, Press Once – Play / Pause / Answer / Hang Up

Right Ear, Press Once – Play / Pause / Answer / Hang Up

Left Ear, Press Twice – Previous Song

Right Ear, Press Twice – Next Song

Left Ear, Press Three Times – Volume Down

Right Ear, Press Three Times – Volume Up

Left Ear, Press and Hold 2 seconds – Power On / Siri / Reject Call

Right Ear, Press and Hold 2 seconds – Power On / Siri / Reject Call

Left Ear, Press and Hold 4 seconds – Power Off

Right Ear, Press and Hold 4 seconds – Power Off

Left Ear, Press 4 Times – Summon a Dog

Right Ear, Press 4 Times – Turn Your Cock Into An Otter

Both Ears, Press Twice At The Same Time – Look Like A Dick

Left Ear, Press and Hold 3 seconds – Produce A Tingling Sensation In Your Butthole

Right Ear, Press and Hold 3 seconds – Fill Yourself With Impending Doom

Left Ear, Press Once, Let Go, Wait 5 seconds, Kick A Leg Out, Press Again – Climax

Right Ear, Press 6 Times – You Die.


I think that, at this price point, these are an affordable, viable solution if you want some fully wireless headphones. I’m going to get a lot of use out of them I think.

*About 20 seconds.

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