In an effort to have more focused starts to my posts, I thought it best to come in with a clear topic! SPACE! I figure this’ll make my posts more… fluent. Having said that, what do I even mean by ‘space’. I mean, my initial reaction to the word space is that I currently don’t have enough space on my desk because it’s a fucking shit tip. Like, my desk has been messy before, but sweet Jesus, it’s like my desk is the Titanic and it’s just met the iceberg of paperwork, drinks cans, nappy bags (don’t ask) and just small endless piles of nothing. It’s going to be a goal that by the end of this post there’ll be a picture of my desk looking “tidy”. I’ve put that in quote marks so that when it’s not, I can just claim that I didn’t actually mean “tidy” by conventional standards.

I think what I meant by ‘Space’, however, was the endless possibility above us. I mean, that’s what space represents to me. Space also makes me think of Muse.

Muse, they’re a band, and I hate them. I don’t really though. I just like pretending to hate stuff that people love. BECAUSE IT’S FUN! Other hobbies of mine include pretending not to know anything about stuff that I know lots about, and also pretending that I don’t know what words mean by making people think that I think they mean something else. What’s wrong with me? I don’t know.

Muse are force majeure. They are unlike any other band, at least to me they are. I think I know why. I could be talking shit, but stick with me and see if you agree with me by the end of this.

By the way, the reason that Space makes me think of Muse, is that pretty much every song they’ve ever produced sounds like it’d be on “Space: The Soundtrack” if such a thing was ever produced.

So, why do I think Muse are unlike any other band I know? For me it comes down to how it sounds like they put their music together. It creates a paradox in my head. It has a sound to it that makes it feel like every single note has been painstakingly agonised over. If you’re familiar with the comedian Stewart Lee, I can draw a small analogy here. When he tells a joke, it’s clear that he’s thought about every single word in the sentence. Even the small ones. His jokes are so precise, it’s the attention to detail that makes him crazily good at what he does. Muse have this going on. Each riff, lick, drum beat, EVERYTHING has been carefully considered and you don’t hear that from more or less any other band. Obviously people take care when they make their music, I’m not stupid, it’s just the extra level of care is clearly evident in Muse’s music.

So why are they a paradox then? Because they also manage to somehow sound like they’re some of rock jazz group, improvising the shit out of stuff on the fly. It’s the act of 3 very talented maniacs as far as I’m concerned.

Here, have a quick blast of Musey goodness.

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