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It’s almost the weekend after all. Having more focus didn’t last long, did it. Straight in with some fine 80s referencing, yet once again I’ve started a post without knowing what to write about. Again, no idea why I do this. I think it maybe comes down to the fact that I add to this site out of pure boredom. Should we start with a bit of music? That’s probably a good idea. By the way, milk, veg, fish… etc, also good to get fresh! I think good advice like that makes my blog more… respectable. You know what, right, if you’re reading this and you’re not already accustomed to my, quite frankly appalling level of jokes, you should just fuck off.

Here’s a fine slice of modern… whatever it is. JD McPherson’s rather excellent A Gentle Awakening. From the album Signs & Signifiers. The album is also pretty damn good! Not groundbreaking, but nice!

So, what’s poppin’? I found out yesterday that the landlady, from whom we rent the house, has decided to sell it. So, need to find somewhere to live. My only major concern in finding somewhere near to what we already have so that Sol doesn’t have to change school. Holy hell what’s happening? Am I posting something serious?! I finally feel 36. I know what you’re thinking, “Chris, you can’t be 36, you still look 28!” I know, I have amazingly youthful good looks. Actually! Someone the other day told me they thought I was 29, so that’s not too shabby is it. Also, and totally unrelated, but since I was just mentioning numbers, this pooped… ha… popped into my head. This is the 493rd post on this version of my site! Other numbers include over a quarter of a million unique visitors and over a million page hits. I don’t know what to make of that. People need more hobbies.

Between that last paragraph and this one, a number of things have happened. Firstly, a few hours have passed. I got busy at work, there was a power cut, then another power cut, then I came home. I’m now sat on my laptop doing this. I also, and this is pretty impressive, managed to, in the process of writing a bit of code, managed to actually use a combination of tags that broke the entire site. Impressive work! All sorted now though. I was messing about with the layout and design of the damn thing. 20 possibilities later I’ve landed right back on the exact same one. I have a REALLY hard time finding layouts that I actually like. This is the reason there has been about 100 version of the site. When I started it, after briefly using something called Homestead, I started coding the site myself, which I did for ages. I liked it and I was good at it. The problem was, I would redesign the entire thing from the ground up at least once a month. This started getting tiresome and decided I’d start using WordPress instead to allow the fast switching of looks. I do miss coding it myself. I used to have a lot more things that I would write. There was the comic I used to do about a boy made from bread who rode around on a plastic duck. There was a series of self help guides on various subjects such as How To Sheer A Sheep, or the disastrous attempt at How To Make Your Own Clothes.

I’m now thinking that I need a feature. Something new. Something I can write about, or do, that can help fill up some space on here. How about we give out some awards to stuff for the best thing of whatever year. Let’s see, what can we have awards for. Best Album, Best Band Album, Best Male Album, Best Female Album, Best Film, Best Song, Best Male Song, Best Female Song, Best Band Song. All that kinda shit. So. I guess I need some years to do. If you’d like to request a year, let me know what year you’d like and I’ll award the shit out of it. Yay! Something to look forward to and do!

Think I’ve been waffling on for a bit now and we should probably have another song. Especially since I’ve just noticed we’ve gone past 700 fucking words. This is Gomez’s Make No Sound. One of my fave ever voices in music, and one very under appreciated band! I’m fairly sure I’ll have had this on here at some point in the past, but if I did, I don’t recall.

So yes, if you’d like to suggest a year, then fucking do it. Obviously, it’ll take time to do these things, and I’ll have to do them one at a time, so if I don’t do yours first, don’t get fucking offended and be a little bitch about it. Ha. 😉

I seem now to be stuck in some sort of ongoing post that I can’t finish. Sometimes I think it’s good to just keep writing and see what happens. I’ve literally no idea what I’m going to say next as I’m just essentially saying this to myself in my head and writing what comes out. What if I’m going crazy? I just looked up and someone has set the table for food without me noticing. Hmm, only 3 place mats which means one of us isn’t getting anything. I can smell Thai food. Which means it’s me not getting anything. I hate Thai. At some point someone but beer next to me as well. Oh wait, THAT was me. WARSTEINER! Which I think is a word which should always be capitalised or screamed. Hey, I just noticed something…

Ok, I just noticed two things. 1) Something I want to put a picture of up, and 2) Me realising I don’t have any picture editing software on this laptop yet. Let’s go audio descriptive. So, I’m on Spotify and I was just listening to Ho Hey by The Lumineers. I’d searched it and it’d given me the top 4 results. 2 of them are 2m 43s long, 1 is 2m 41s, and 1 is 2m 44s. I’m not going to see if there are any others, but straight away that’s THREE different files for ONE song. Now, Having listened to them all, there is clearly no difference other than the amount of silence on the beginning or end. So, that’s triple, AT LEAST, file space being taken up for one song that could just all be one file. I imagine Spotify is rife with this kind of thing. Jesus, I’m scraping the barrel here. I’ll stop talking.

Have a nice night, y’all!

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