I’m fine now. All I need is some tunes and a lay on the floor and I’m good to go! Also heat pads for my back and some Pop Tarts. OMFG I HAVE SOME IN MY BAG! I don’t know why I forget that so often. I maybe suffer from that rare Pop Tart Blindness. If this inane fucking waffle isn’t proof that I’m feeling normal again, I don’t know what the fuck is!

The other reason I know I’m back to normal is that I started this post with something in mind. I’m less than, like what, a hundred words in? I’m not going to fucking count them. Erm… Oh yeah, less than whatever in and I’ve already forgotten what the fuck I was going to say. If anyone ever works out what it is that makes memories work in this way, let me know. I can tell you what chart position an album got to in 1986 yet I can’t remember a thought I fucking had 2 pissing minutes ago. I CAN’T EVEN NOW REMEMBER THE ALBUM I HAD IN MIND WHEN I SAID I COULD REMEMBER A CHART POSITION FROM 1986! It was probably Janet Jackson. Control came out in 86. Anyway. (Number 1 in America but only ever made it to number 8 over here. WHICH IS MENTAL AS IT’S FUCKING ACE.)

Seriously, I can’t remember what I was going to post about. Have a song. I might go make a duets playlist now.

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