The 1000 Club.


As I mentioned… erm… at some point recently? Was it last night? Weirdly that seems like ages ago. As I mentioned, apparently last night, I was going to look over the music charts from the last three years and work out the songs I’ve listened to the most. I’ve decided to only list the songs that had over 1000 plays. Some of them, had over 1000 in a single year, others have taken all three years to reach that number. There’s also a special mention or two as well. I’m not going to bother putting the videos in as you’ve seen them before, or you can find them on Spotify.

Wolf Alice – Silk (1052 Plays)
Shakespeare’s Sister – Stay (1153 Plays)
Jimmy Eat World – The Middle (1207 Plays)
Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face (1274 Plays)
Sia – Elastic Heart (1316 Plays)
Birdy – Give Up (1697 Plays)
Portishead – Roads (1707 Plays)
Sia – Chandelier (1734 Plays)

Now, that’s not a bad list of tunes! Special mentions to Where Is My Mind? by The Pixies, which sits just under the 1000 mark, but has been in the chart more than once. Also a special mention to Roachford’s Cuddly Toy. Those of you that have read the chart before, you’ll know why. Essentially I left my computer on repeat whilst I was away for a week by accident. 2947 Plays. It’s going to essentially be my most listened to song for quite some time!

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