Say what?


In my head, the title of this post is read by a sassy black woman.

Ugh. Having to update from my iPad using a Bluetooth keyboard. I hate it. I don’t mind the medium, and I don’t even really mind the keyboard. My main issue with this is the fact that, when I’m typing, if I make a mistake and have to use the backspace key, it’s not double sized like most keyboards, so naturally I reach to the left hand side of it, and on this keyboard that’s the = key. So, when I make a mistake, instead of hitting delete, this happens… I have made a mit=stake. A-fucking-nnoying. Also, iPads have horrendous auto correct on them. I hate it. Fuck off with your suggestions, I know what I’m saying, Cockwomble.

Also, I hate writing code on this so I’ll have to go back later and at=dd… *sigh* add the code in to make this look the way it ends up looking on the site! Great, more work. At least I can write everything down now though since the mood has struck me to update this thing.

What’s new?! So, my life has largely been consumed by two things this week. 1) Being ill, and B) Zelda.

Let’s start with the illness. I’m ill. Cool, on to Zelda! So I’ve been playing Zelda a lot again recently, so much so that I’ve passed the 200 hour mark. It’s so fucking good. I’ve made decent progress in it, 13/15 main quests done, about 45/72 side quests, and 120/120 shrines. The area I’m mainly lacking in is the Korok Seeds. I’ve collected about 150 of them, which seems like a lot, but there are 900 of them in total, obviously leaving plenty still to get!


That’s largely been my whole week, apart from updating MM as well. Trying to just include artists and bands that have never been on it before to bring some freshness to it. I could post a Radiohead song every night for a month if I wanted, but I don’t want to torture people that way. (I love Radiohead).

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