2019 Top 100, Part 9.



Cry Me A River – Justin Timbercake

This one is a combination of Sol and me. As Old Town Road was entirely him, I assume he’s listened to it more than this as some of the plays of this are definitely me. Still a great album overall, Justified gave us some pop classics. It’s very hard to pick a best song from that album. It’s like having to pick the best song off Bad.


Where Is My Mind? – Pixies

Yeah, it’s alright this, innit? *sigh* What do you want from me?! With your feet in the air and your head on the ground, try this trick and spin it, yeah!? Your head will collapse and there’s nothing in it and you’ll ask yourself where is my mind?! I totally get where this song is coming from. From the same year as A Little Respect. You can totally tell, right?


Full Circle – Hælos

Full Circle by H-AhavingsexwithE-los is a great, great song. I feel like they missed a trick though. I think it’s brilliant, BUT, it could have quite easily ended as it started, meaning you could loop it and it’d sound like it had no gaps, thus being, itself, a full circle. But what do I know?! *sigh* I really do love this song though. It’s always nice to have a longer song, especially when they’re this good. Brilliant beat, nice electronic sounds, good vocals. Love it!


Mad About You (Live) – Hooverphonic

Hooverphonic, a band whose quality is very much dependent on it’s lead singer, pumped this little tune out in, erm… oh my god, I don’t know. 2000? Yes, it was 2000, I went and checked. This was when Geike Arnaert was the lead singer. They essentially wanted to be the Belgian Portishead. Anyway, as I was saying, all their good stuff is from when Arnaert was the lead singer. All former and subsequent lead singers had little success with the band. They plod on though, I mean, how many different lead singers could they possibly have had? 1 or 2? No. 3? No. 4? No. FIVE?! No. SIX? Finally. They go through lead singers like Spinal Tap went through drummers. Good luck to them! Tell you what is a little bit interesting though, this version, that I prefer to the original 2000 version, is from 2012 when Noémie Wolfs was the lead singer. She does a BRILLIANT job of this, which is why I prefer it! But yeah, with her as the lead singer they never had much success. Weird, yo! Also I now want to listen to 6 Underground.


Tell It To My Heart – Taylor Dayne

Let me just find what I said about Taylor last time… “Terrifying”. On another occasion I wrote… “She’s the slutty looking, pissed up aunt who has re-applied her makeup on a tiny broken mirror at a family wedding she attended after letting her 5 year old daughter do her hair, who thought it’d be a good idea to knock one out on the Karaoke.”

I think I stand by that. I think she looks like if you multiplied Brooke Shields by Brooke Shields. She’s Brooke Shields Squared. Last years number 4 by the way!


Sunflower – Post Malone and some other people

Swae Lee, I know who it is. Don’t piss on my jokes. Crash at my place, baby you’re a wreck. How about if you’re a wreck, stay the fuck away from my place?! Another song from the Spider-Verse soundtrack. Again, if you haven’t seen the film or listened to the soundtrack, sort your life out. Also, whilst we’re at it, if you’ve not listened to Post Malone’s Hollywood’s Bleeding, sort you’re life out again. Great album. Still think they could have done more with this video to be honest. What happened to music videos for songs from films where they had the actors or whatever do stuff that was exclusive to the video etc. Like when Jason Biggs and Mena Suvari did the Teenage Dirtbag video. You know, a bit extra. Go above and beyond. Don’t just write your stupid song lyrics over clips from the film. Jesus.


Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin

It’s like, so weird, that you’d associate this with Thor before having seen Ragnarok. Little private joke for you there. Remember kids, don’t do drugs and make sure you listen to the lyrics! Your only goal should be the Western Shore. I don’t think anything I might say could ever do this song any justice. Fairly sure it was handed down from God when he did the commandments or whatever. Like “Hey everyone, don’t kill and don’t sleep with Dave’s wife, also give this to Led Zeppelin, they’ll know what to do”. Totally how it happened.


The Equaliser (Not Alone) – The Midnight

2/4 Midnight songs down, 2/4 to go! Here we go with another mashup video of 80s films. Again though, it works, I’m not mad at it. Always nice to see Coop getting his Dune on. It’s clear from The Midnight tracks that made the chart, I really focussed on their Endless Summer album a lot. I think it’s definitely my fave, although I’m giving the others far more playtime now that I have them all on vinyl!


We Don’t Need Another Hero – Skidmode feat Katie Hightower

Katie Hightower, grand daughter of Hightower from Police Academy (Fact) has the perfect voice for this wonderful pop-synth reworking of the Tina Turner classic, We Don’t Need Another Hero. I’m a fan of the original, but this is so well done it’s impossible not to like it. I’m looking forward to more from her and Skimode. I listened to this a lot in a short space of time I think as it was fairly close to the end of the year that I found it.


Invisible Touch – Genesis

“I can direct videos, Man. I can direct videos. What’s their problem. Pout baby, pout, come on baby, give me all you’ve got” said Phil, unironically. Pretty standard stuff from Genesis here when it comes to the video. The fake “behind the scenes of a music video” music video. The problem with this concept, despite the fact I’ve always liked this video, is that you can’t have a behind the scenes of a music video, music video, because then the music video you were making that you were using behind the scenes footage of, then has to be a music video for something else. If I had a song called Leona Lewis’ Hands, and the video for it was behind the scenes footage, then it would cease to be behind the scenes footage, if that was just the footage. I’d have to have behind the scenes footage from another song, to use as the “behind the scenes” footage for the other song. Got it? It’s like digging a hole inside another hole, and then going, no, they’re totally separate holes… they’re not just one hole.

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