2019 Top 100, Part 8.



A Little Respect – Erasure

Tell you what, writing about 100 songs sure takes it out of you. I’m only fucking 71 in as well! I don’t know how much I have left to give. Oh baby, please, give a little respect, tooooooooo meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Every year there’s a song that I don’t remember listening to that much. This year, it’s this. I don’t recall listening to this enough for it to have warranted such a high chart position. Released in 1988, it’s a pop classic, but yeah, just don’t recall listening to it that much this year!


The Comeback Kid – The Midnight

The Midnight have four tracks on this years chart making them my most listened to artist! No surprises there really if you know me. I went to see them live this… last year, fuck, it’s started already. I went to see them live last year and they were incredible! They don’t have a lot of “official” videos, mostly these things people put together using classic 80s films. The obvious choice for this was obviously The Karate Kid, and it actually makes for quite a cool little video. We’ll be visiting them again another 3 times in the run up to number 1 so I won’t say too much right now otherwise I’m going to end up repeating myself more than usual. Are they number 1 though!? Who knows. I know. Also anyone I’ve told knows. Plus you could just listen to the playlist, and then you’d know as well.


I Have Nothing – Whitney Houston

Jesus. Another one I feel like I’ve written about endlessly. Let’s recap what I expect I usually say. Leave this song alone, don’t cover it. It’s her best song. No one can sing like she could. That kinda thing I’d guess. I might watch The Bodyguard again sometime soon. I don’t know why I like it so much, probably just for the music, but I do seem to watch it fairly often. Not seen it this year though, have I! Boom. New Years jokes. I’m willing to bet I’ve made jokes about people leaving the doors open in her house as well, actually.


Destroyer – Panama

Don’t recall how I actually found out about Panama. I mentioned that I only got into them this year on one of the previous posts but I don’t remember at all how I found them. I’m going to just have to assume I heard them in the background of a TV show. I *think* the other artists on this list that are of a similar ilk came from the discovery of these guys, so I think it’s unlikely I found them through another artist. This is their best song of the work I’ve heard so far. It’s got something about it that always makes me want to listen to Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus. In fact, just for shits and giggles, here that is! Now, go forth and tuck your cock between your legs!

And now here is Panama with Destoryer


Skyscrapers – OK Go

OK Go are pretty much music video geniuses. Never boring, always colourful, they’ve mastered the art as far as I’m concerned. This is one of their most simple videos for one of their best songs. I imagine this took quite a while to film and produce given the clothes that needed sourcing and then the constant costume changes. Finding all the locations was probably quite the challenge as well. Still, it all comes together so beautifully. Great song, great video, great depth. Plus that transition to the chorus. *goes weak*


To The End – Blur

Another song that has appeared frequently on this list. Blur’s finest moment. Trying to think of stuff to mention about this after writing about it so much is pretty hard. Did you know the French voice you can hear is that of Lætitia Sadier from Stereolab? Probably not. There we go though, not mentioned that before. The video, a pastiche of L’Année dernière à Marienbad has always been a fave of mine and rounds off a pretty perfect song, pretty fucking well!


Old Town Road – Lil Nas X

*sigh* Sol. Sol’s most listened to song last year, I guess. This is entirely down to him. I haven’t listened to this AT ALL, other than overhearing him listen to it. I mean, it’s not terrible, but my 2019 chart has fucking Billy Ray Cyrus in it. Sorry, I shouldn’t slag him off, wouldn’t want to break his heart, his achy breaky heart.


Falling – Mansionair

The first line of this song kills me every time I hear it. “I think I’ll borrow tomorrow’s happiness for today”. It’s so bittersweet. One of the bands I got into with Panama, VHS Collection etc. I love this song. It’s so beautifully put together.


My Hands – Leona Lewis

22nd most listened to song all because of a joke I made about the perspective of the song. My hands? Her specific hands? Leona Lewis’ hands?!

Has that successfully covered up the secret that I really like this song? Yes? Cool! Here’s a lovely Final Fantasy mashup from FFXIII for you. I *think* it was part of the soundtrack for the game, or at least one of the FF games. HEEEERRRRRRRRRR HAAAAAANNNDDDDDDDDDDDSSSSSS.


This Night – Billy Joel

Billy Beethoven at his best! I’m not going to write anything else as I’ve written about this and the album it’s from more than anyone cares about!

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