Midnight Music. 222. Special Edition.

Midnight Music. 222. Special Edition

Make Yourself, by Incubus is one of my fave albums. For this special edition of Midnight Music, I thought I’d bring you all the songs from that album, but all of them live. They’re a phenomenal force when live, Incubus, and they should be loved and adored by everyone. Please enjoy. The lyrics below are from The Warmth.

I’d like to close my eyes and go numb
But there’s a cold wind coming from
The top of the highest high rise today
It’s not a breeze cause it blows hard
Yes and it wants me to discard the humanity I know
Watch the warmth blow away.

Track 1: Privilege

Track 2: Nowhere Fast

Track 3: Consequence

Track 4: The Warmth

Track 5: When It Comes

Track 6: Stellar

Track 7: Make Yourself

Track 8: Drive

Track 9: Clean

Track 10: Battlestar Scralatchtica

Track 11: I Miss You

Track 12: Pardon Me

Track 13: Out From Under

There we go. Hope you enjoyed the album.

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