Top 5 Fights.

Thought I’d post a list of 5 of my fave fight scenes from films. I like ones where it’s mostly one person fighting many, or one person fighting a particularly aggressive foe. I think for me it often comes down to the soundtrack!

Number 5: Cloud Vs. The Bahamut.

Taken from Final Fantasty Advent Children, this fight takes place about half way through. Cloud is one of the coolest characters in gaming and seeing him taking on the huge Bahamut only strengthens that! The orchestration is also fantastic.

Number 4: Gladiator Vs…. Erm, More Gladiators.

The Crowe is a pretty bad ass dude. Watching him single-handedly take out all the massive dudes in this scene is pretty incredible.

Number 3: The Bride Vs. GoGo, The Crazy 88, and O-Ren.

I’m going to have to paste this as a few videos as getting it all as one is hard! First she has to take on GoGo. As if that wasn’t trouble enough, she then has to contend with the Crazy 88! Sadly in the video below, it doesn’t turn black and white when she pulls the guys eye out, which is a shame. Soundtrack skills = Genius. As if it couldn’t get any better, we then get her taking on O-Ren to Santa Esmerelda in one of the finest uses of music ever. Insane!

Number 2: The Raid – Rama Vs. The Assassin.

Words can’t do this justice. It took EIGHT DAYS to film. You can see why!

Number 1: Colin Firth Vs. Everyone!

When you absolutely, positively need to kill every mother fucker in the room, you get Colin Firth! Who knew he could kick this much ass!

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