Pokemon Ho.


No, that wasn’t a typo. It was an obvious joke made at the expense of the girl in the picture, who I’m sure is actually lovely and not at all a whore.

So, Pokemon GO is upon us and, as someone who generally doesn’t play the other Pokemon games, I’m a fan. My reasons for being a fan aren’t because of the game itself as such, well partly, but… I’ll explain at the end.

The way the game works is VERY simple. You move around in the real world looking at what is essentially a very basic Google Maps. Occasionally Pokemon will spawn on the map and then you throw a Pokeball at it to try and catch it. You can then be just content with your collection of Pokemon or train them up in Gyms and fight with other people to control the Gyms. It’s really that simple.

Here are a few pointers though that might help you out!

1. When catching a Pokemon, there will be a circle round it with a coloured circle inside that gradually gets smaller before resetting itself. Green, Orange or Red. Green is easier, Orange slightly harder, Red is the hardest. You want to thrown your Pokeball when the circle is at it’s smallest to increase your chances of catching it.

2. Switch off your camera. At the top right of the screen when capturing a Pokemon, there is an AR button you can use to turn off your camera. This way you don’t see the Pokemon in the real world, but it makes catching them easier for one, and two, it will save your battery, which will run out faster than you’ve ever seen it run out before.

3. Don’t forget to transfer the Pokemon away that are duplicates as they will give you candy to help level up other ones. Each Pokemon uses a different type of candy. You get 3 when you catch one, and 1 for transferring one. Don’t just go for the lowest if you have 2 at a similar CP. Look at the attacks and damages.

4. Watch where you’re fucking going.

5. Back to the battery issues. Make sure to enable the battery saver mode. This means you can put your phone in your pocket UPSIDE DOWN and it will turn the screen right down and buzz you when something happens.

That’s pretty much it for basic tips. Just try to get to grips with it and enjoy!

The reason I’m a fan is because I think it’s an important game. It’s taken the great work already done with Ingress and made it more accessible for a younger audience. It’s a game that gets people up and about and socialising. It’s going to be fun to see how it evolves! See what I did there? 😉

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