Little Charlie Brooker reference for you there.

I wiped my iPod a few nights ago. Usually a big decision to start over fresh, but this time it was a pretty easy one to make. After Kate’s birthday party fiasco with the music, transferring the playlist to my iPod had left it bereft of music. I went from around 2500 songs to just over 500. Not sure what happened.

So, my hand was forced to go for the wipe. The main problem was that it was also being shitty with me about transferring songs back on. Back to factory settings we went.

I see it as a chance to create the best mix-tape ever, again. So far, across 4 nights, I’ve gone through A, B, and C. Yes. That’s really how long it’s taken me. :/

Well, 3 down, 23 to go.

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