2021 Top 100, The Statistics.

Just for funsies I thought I’d throw some stats together this year for the end of year chart. Here you go!

Number of Songs: 100 (Obviously)
Total Playlist Length: 6 hours, 39 minutes, 43 seconds
Average Song Length: 4 minutes. Exactly. Well, 1/100th of a second or so under 4 minutes.
Number of Artists: 88 (I only included the lead artists)
Number of Countries: 17
Number of Decades: 7

Artists with more than 1 song:
4 x The Midnight
3 x Elton John
2 x The Weeknd
2 x Jungle
2 x Birdy
2 x Stevie Wonder
2 x Mark Ronson
2 x Linkin Park
2 x Bleachers

Countries of origin for artists:
39 x USA
27 x England
6 x Australia
2 x Iceland
2 x Sweden
After those, all the other countries have 1 artist each


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