Midnight Music. 273.

Midnight Music is a daily post of a song that happens at midnight. It couldn’t be simpler. Today’s song is:

This is a biggy. This song, by The Antlers, is from 2009 and I’d forgotten about it until I heard it purely by chance the other night. It’s amazing, I can’t believe it escaped me. From the album Hospice which the band self released, later to have it remixed and re-released in the same year, this song, track 2, is definitely the standout song. Never released as a single, which I guess makes sense, it’s incredible. Lyrically incredible, vocally incredible, musically incredible, tonally incredible. Here is, and I don’t feel like I’ve said incredible enought, the incredible Kettering.

They had you sleeping and eating
And I didn’t believe them
When they called you
A hurricane thundercloud

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