Midnight Music. 110.

Midnight Music is a daily post of a song that happens at midnight. It couldn’t be simpler. Today’s song is:

Originally made a hit by The Animals, yet first written for, and recorded by Nina Simone. I like many people didn’t come to hear this version until it was used in the soundtrack for Kill Bill. I’m so glad I found it though as it’s amazing. Santa Esmerelda was a weird combination of US/French disco music. Their style completely changed the song into what it now is and it’s incredible. I think one of the things I like the most about it, and this is only really in the cover, is that the music is a completely different tone to the lyrics. It’s a pretty sad song when you take the music away.

Baby, do you understand me now,
Sometimes I feel a little mad.
Well don’t you know that no-one alive,
Can always be an angel.
When things go wrong I seem to be bad.

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