As a fan of films, movies, talkies, call them what you will, I like to mark it when a film reaches a milestone. Any multiple of ten I’m happy to celebrate, usually with a good old viewing! As we’re now 30 years from 1986, I decided to take a look at the films that came out that year to get some ideas of what to watch. HOLY SHITBALLS, 1986 WAS AMAZING!

I’ve taken the liberty of listing some of the notable releases that year:

Top Gun
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Stand By Me
Pretty In Pink
Blue Velvet
The Fly
Little Shop of Horrors
Crocodile Dundee
Howard The Duck
Big Trouble In Little China
Short Circuit
Under The Cherry Moon
The Three Amigos
The Money Pit
The Golden Child
Flight Of The Navigator
Heartbreak Ridge
The Colour Of Money
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Sid And Nancy
An American Tail
Betty Blue
Hannah And Her Sisters
Iron Eagle
Police Academy 3: Back In Training
About Last Night…
Raw Deal
Something Wild
Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Armour Of God

The list goes on! Now, you probably won’t have seen all of them, but some of those you’ll definitely remember from your youth. To have so many in one year seems insane. Maybe that’s just what the 80s were like though. I’ll research other years later, maybe.

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