2021 Top 100, Part 9.


The Bird by SYML
Last Seen: New Entry!

This song is so fucking good. I love the mix of styles and how it handles the transitions between them. He does a great job with the vocals and uses them to hold the whole thing together. Work of art.


Surrender by Birdy
Last Seen: New Entry!

Huzzah! Birdy, once more! I watched her live show that she did during quarantine and loved it. Glad she’s back. The new album was excellent and this song in particular is a delight.


What’s Up Danger by Blackway and Black Caviar
Last Seen: 6th in 2019

Wrote about this enough! A fucking tune.


Kitsune by Gunship
Last Seen: 31st in 2020

31st last year and 1st the year before that, I think! 3rd place in synthwave behind Stranger Love and Lovers. Facts!


Out Of Touch by Hall & Oates
Last Seen: 99th in 2019

Also written about this too much. It’s forever going to be one of the greatest ever 80s tunes and I can’t find anything about it I don’t like. Except that god awful edit of it that’s usually used for the video. That can get in the bin.


Is Everybody Going Crazy by Nothing But Thieves
Last Seen: New Entry!

By far the best song off of Moral Panic. I listened to this a fuck ton back in the early months of the year. Moral Panic one of two Nothing But Thieves albums released last year, if you include Typhoons by Royal Blood. *Wink wink*.


Relief by Chris Garneau
Last Seen: New Entry!

I can’t believe it’s taken this long for this song to appear in my list. I don’t think it’s actually true. I refuse to believe it. I’ve been listening to this song a lot for the last 15 years at least. I still think it’s as perfect as the first time I heard it.


Nightcall by Kavinsky
Last Seen: 35th in 2015

Written about it loads. Drive wouldn’t be the same film without it.


Take Me Where Your Heart Is by Q
Last Seen: New Entry!

Q! This guy put Trump in power? I jest. This song is so good. I want more of his stuff! I also really want this LP. WANT WANT WANT!


The Night We Met by Lord Huron
Last Seen: 54th in 2019

Not sure why this didn’t make it in last year. As I’m secretly a teenage girl inside, I’ve been listening to this a lot since it came out. I’m not slagging off teenage girls by the way. I don’t want letters. The cadence of “I had all and then most of you, some and now none of you” is so great.

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