2021 Top 100, Part 6.


Monsters by Angus Powell
Last Seen: New Entry!

I thought this had been in my chart before, but apparently not. I first heard this in a TV show and, thinking about it now, I can’t remember at all what it was. It *may* have been Sherlock, but I’m guessing. Great tune from a guy who has under 10k monthly listeners on Spotify. Check him out.


Yesterday by The Beatles
Last Seen: 27th in 2020

What a great tune. I mean, it’s not Coldplay. It’s not Fix You.


Last Seen: 8th in 2020

Again with the capital letters. Am I supposed to shout his name whenever I say it? A drop of 40 places for ZAAAAYYYYYNNNN! I really do love this song. I’m not really sure what it is about it that’s really made me stick with it so much. There’s a tiny sound in it that always makes me think of another song, and every time that moment arrives, I start to hear the other song and then I lose it. I’ve been trying to work out what the song is for a few years now, but I’ve never been able to get it.


One Day Like This by Elbow
Last Seen: New Entry!

Surely one of the greatest intros of all time. Not sure why this is on my list though. I remember listening to it a few times, but not enough to make it this high up my most listened to songs. Not mad at it though, it’s a classic.


Run (It’s Never Too Late) by Classic Fiction
Last Seen: 43rd in 2020

Speaking of “Classic”, check out that segue! Another song that is hugely underrated and barely listened to. Classic Fiction are currently sat at 2,199 listeners on Spotify. A tragedy! As usual, I heard it somewhere and it now escapes me. It will probably have been a TV show or film or something. Highly recommended, obviously.


July by Noah Cyrus
Last Seen: New Entry!

Noah Cyrus seems to have shot up in popularity recently and it’s no surprise it’s due to the massive improvement in the quality of her music. July is a great tune. The whole EP is worth a listen. It’s called THE END OF EVERYTHING. Yep. In all caps. *sigh*


Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin
Last Seen: 98th in 2020



Heavy, California by Jungle
Last Seen: 15th in 2020

I think the thing I like most about this song is how it’s parsed. It’s sung in a really different way. Plus, you know, it’s catchy as fuck, has a great beat to it and it’s put together super well. Jungle continue to impress with their new album also. I hope they’re around for a while!


Diamonds by Rihanna
Last Seen: 44th in 2019

What’s odd about this is that it was in this chart, 2019 and 2017. It keeps missing a year out. Maybe we’ll see it in 2023, who knows! I think this is Sia’s best song (that she gave to someone else). Rihanna knocks it out the park and it’s always going to be one of my favourite songs. Also, Rihanna only has 48 million listeners if you could all go help her out!


Holding Out For A Hero by Bonnie Tyler
Last Seen: 35th in 2020

I can’t imagine a time when I would ever turn this off if it came on. It’s been one of my fave songs for as long as I can actually remember. I can remember my mum really liking it when it came out. I would have been about 3. I think it’s one of the songs I had on my tape player that I used to take everywhere with me. 😀

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