2021 Top 100, Part 4.


Shadow by Bleachers with Carly Rea Jepsen
Last Seen: 7th in 2020

I really, really, really, need to get the Bleachers albums for my collection. Really like his work. Fond memories of going out at midnight on my scooter and just riding around whilst listening to this.


Waves by Dean Lewis
Last Seen: 31st in 2019

Last seen in 2019, however, this was number 1 in 2018! I still really like this, but I guess last year I didn’t like it as much. Back in the list for this year, however. Weirdly, I think it was last year that I learnt to play it on the guitar, or at least started to. I wonder why it didn’t place. Odd.


Dream Away by The Midnight
Last Seen: 84th in 2020

The 2nd of 4 songs by The Midnight on this year’s list and the first from their most recent album. One thing I think The Midnight are very good at is including songs like this that challenge the mould of Synthwave and let them branch out into other areas. This is a great fucking tune and it grows on me more and more every single time I hear it. Also, it doesn’t start with what Tyler was or wasn’t looking for, which is a plus.


Trampoline by SHAED with ZAYN
Last Seen: 28th in 2020

It’s an all caps affair! SHAED featuring ZAYN. I wonder what makes someone want to have their name always written in caps. It’d be a bit of a power move to announce that my name is now CHRIS. Not Chris, or chris, or Ms Jackson if you’re nasty, but CHRIS. Anyway, I like the normal version of this, but I think ZAYN actually adds an extra layer to it. It’s from the 2019 album, Melt, well, the normal version is, I think you need the Deluxe version if you want the Zayne version.


Let’s Face The Music And Dance by Nat King Cole
Last Seen: 62nd in 2019

Given that this came out in 1964, I think that this is probably the oldest song on my list this year! I’ve spoken about it plenty before, so onto the next song.


Counting Stars by OneRepublic
Last Seen: New Entry!

This is a banger but it’s nothing amazing. I feel like it genuinely wouldn’t matter what he was saying as long as you sung it in that rhythm to drive the song. Seriously, try it, make up your own words.


Numb/Encore by Linkin Park and Jay-Z
Last Seen: New Entry!

One of the greatest mashups of all time. Nothing else to add to that. I don’t even know anyone fresher than Hov’.


Silk by Wolf Alice
Last Seen: 66th in 2017

I was a firm believer that My Love Is Cool, Wolf Alice’s first album from 2015 was their best work, but then last year they released Blue Weekend and now I don’t know what to think. Silk on the other hand will probably always be my fave song of theirs. It’s just TOO good.


The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
Last Seen: 55th in 2019

Blah blah The Middle. Great video etc.


Set Adrift On Memory Bliss by P.M. Dawn
Last Seen: New Entry!

You know, I never knew P.M. Dawn are American. I don’t think I thought they were a particular nationality, I just don’t think I ever considered it. I can go to bed tonight having learnt something. P.M. Dawn are American. I get the feeling, however, you people just learnt that P.M. Dawn is a group, and not a person.

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