2021 Top 100, Part 3.


Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Last Seen: 3rd in 2019

A former top 5 song! I don’t know why it fell out of my most listened to last year. I think I was listening to it more than usual in 2019 because I wrote an intro to an imaginary Hotline Miami film and in my head, it was set to this song. I wrote a good intro, but I would say that, I wrote it. Still think Hotline Miami needs to be a film. *sigh*. Anyway, this is a out and out classic and one of my fave song intros of all time.


Never Too Much by Luther Vandross
Last Seen: 42nd in 2020

Still perfection, nothing to add.


How To Disappear by Lana Del Rey
Last Seen: New Entry!


NFR is a great album and this is my fave song from it. I think the biggest expanse of my record collection last year was down to LDR. I think I got 8 albums by her. Maybe 7. Depends how you count the Paradise add on. Thinking way too much out loud now. This song is great, go listen to it. In fact, don’t go anywhere, just press play on the video! If you’re interested, 0:40 in the actual song is why I love it so much. Not the lyrics, not the music, just the lift in her vocie. Yep. Vocie. That’s what we’re calling it nowadays. GET WITH THE PROGRAM.


Nobody Knows by The Tony Rich Project
Last Seen: New Entry!

I love this song like Lucas Barton loves his wanking mitten. From the Grammy award winning 1996 album, Words, this was also nominated for best male vocal performance or something similar to that. Best male pop vocal performance? The categories are so specific it’s hard to remember. You know, if you ever wanted an amazing collection of albums, just buy all the albums that have won best R&B album. They only started dishing it out in 1995, so it’s not a massive amount of albums but they’re all brilliant and worth it. Just miss out 2012.


She Said by Plan B
Last Seen: New Entry!

Is it just me or should this song be older than 12 years? 2010? Really? It feels like it came out in the mid 2000s. From the great album, The Defamation of Strickland Banks, this will far and away always be his biggest hit. It’s what put him on the map as far as I remember. Still think it was way earlier than 2010. He has a great voice, being able to sing like that and then rap to a decent level. “He’s so… multitalented!” I may be misremembering that quote but points if you know what it’s from.


Meet Me Halfway by Black Eyed Peas
Last Seen: New Entry!

What the fuck happened to Black Eyed Peas?! I mean, they’re still releasing stuff, but it’s shitty. Was Fergie where all the quality came from? I’m upset, I don’t want to talk about it.


Elephant by Damien Rice
Last Seen: New Entry!

Elephant, aka, The Blower’s Daughter 2.0. I don’t like Damien Rice as a person, and I don’t really know why. I’m not basing that on the lyrics, as, they’re not all true etc, they’re just songs. Sure, some can be based on real stuff but again, we don’t know what’s real and what not. I just think, whenever I see his face, that he looks like a dick. Sorry, Damien. Actually, I’m not sorry, you dick.


Bye Bye Blackbird by Joe Cocker
Last Seen: 68th in 2019

Written about this enough time. It’ll keep coming up year after year because it’s fucking incredible. I probably mentioned it last time, but this came out in 1969. NINETEEN SIXTIE NINE! LISTEN TO IT! The song was even written way before that. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY before that. Fairly sure Sol still thinks this is a 2/10 song.


Jason by The Midnight
Last Seen: 29th in 2020

If I had to pick 5 songs to give someone to get into The Midnight, this would be one of them. Maybe not the first, maybe not the last, maybe not even second, third or fourth, but it would be one of them. Makes sense.


Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears
Last Seen: 49th in 2019

Welcome to your life, there’s no turning back. Good opener. I’ve always loved this song for as long as I can remember, and as we’ve established already, my memory is tip top! As I think I mentioned last time, it’s that driving rhythm that I love so much. Hat tip as usual to the Lorde cover as I think I also mentioned last time.

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