2021 Top 100, Part 1.


Dancing On My Own by Robyn
Last Seen: 3rd in 2017

There’s going to a general theme this year of “I really don’t remember listening to this that much!”. Not all the songs, mind you, but here’s the first in the countdown and I’m already thinking it. I really, really don’t remember listening to this that much! I remember when it came third in my 2017 list. I remember that well! This year though… not so much. I always have a hard time knowing what to write in these spaces, and in all honesty, I don’t even know why I feel the need to comment on all the songs, but here we are anyway. Dancing On My Own is from Robyn’s 2010 album, Body Talk. A very good pop album and this is a great pop song.


The Longest Time by Billy Joel
Last Seen: 2nd in 2018

I think this is proof if proof were needed that I need to start branching my music taste out more. I think, as it is, it’s pretty vast; there’s very little I actively dislike. Mainly country and rave. Even then, #notallcountry, but all of rave can pretty much get in the bin. The Longest Time is from Billy Joel’s album The Longest Time. Without thinking about it too much, I’d say that this album would make my top 20 of all time. Maybe top 10. It’s a classic.


All The Girls Love Alice by Elton John
Last Seen: New Entry!

The first new entry of this years top 100. Funnily enough, it’s a song I feel like I do actually listen to all the time. This song marks the first time that Elton John sang about a gay character in one of his songs! Bet you didn’t know that. Or, you probably did.


Black & Gold by Sam Sparro
Last Seen: New Entry!

I loved this song the very first time I heard it and then, for some reason, barely ever listened to it. I think it’s still just as good now as it’s ever been. Whatever happened to Sam Sparro? He kinda fell out of the mainstream after 2012’s Return To Paradise. Apparently after checking Spotify, he has had a couple of albums in the last couple of years, but his listenership has fallen off. A shame. Very talented guy. His 2008 self titled album is a fucking banger.


I Feel It Coming by The Weeknd / Daft Punk
Last Seen: New Entry!

Three new entries in a row! Madness! The Weeknd is one of my fave artits… yes, artits. I’m sticking with it. Sounds like a pirate who’s just seen boobs. I still need House of Balloons to round off my Weeknd vinyl collection, but short of me winning the lottery, I don’t see it happening anytime soon. I’m fairly sure Starboy was 2016 which means this is celebrating it’s 5th anniversary this year. Honestly, it’s nice to see a song that feels like it’s been around a while having such a low numbered birthday. Feels like all my fave stuff is having 30 and 40th anniversaries at the moment and it’s just another way of reminding me that I’m almost dead. Death. That’s what I feel coming. I feel it coming, babe. I feel it coming. I feel it coming, babe.


Give up by Birdy
Last Seen: 1st in 2016

6 songs in and we find our first former winner! I mean, I don’t know if Birdy would see it as winning to have ever topped one of my most listened to charts, but, obviously I feel like it’s an incredibly high honour, up there with winning a Grammy. Give Up is still my fave song by Jasmine, and honestly I don’t ever see her topping it in my eyes. I’m sure she’ll do better songs, but for me, this is the GOAT. The fact it never made the main album for Beautiful Lies is mad to me.


Crazy by Seal
Last Seen: New Entry!

Another new entry! This isn’t helping my thing about listening to some different stuff. Having just mentioned songs and such having their anniversaries, here we are with Seal’s classic Crazy, which turned 30 this year. I don’t have a massive amount to say about this one, so I hope you enjoy the very early 90s music video. Some classic tropes on display!


Falling To Pieces by Faith No More
Last Seen: New Entry!

1 place up and 2 years prior, we find Faith No More’s Falling To Pieces from the album The Real Thing. I think that album is probably their best work. Maybe 92’s Angel Dust is better but… no. I’m sticking with The Real Thing. Just look at the opening three tracks, all of which are contenders for their best ever song. I don’t think anyone in my family was ever a huge fan of their music. If anyone, it would have been my brother I’d imagine. Just don’t remember hearing them a lot when I was younger.


Take Me To The Pilot by Elton John
Last Seen: New Entry!

6 new entries in the first 9 songs. That’s not bad at all. I don’t think that pace is going to continue, however. The rest of the 100 is going to be a lot of stuff that’s appeared before. Take Me To The Pilot is from Elton John’s self titled, second album from 1970. It’s the one that’s got that not very well known track, Your Song on. Did you know that he released 12 albums between 1969 and 1976? How fucking mad is that!


Mad About You (Live) by Hooverphonic
Last Seen: 26th in 2020

I honestly didn’t think this would have fallen as many places as it has since last year. I feel like this is something else I’ve heard quite a lot this year. I gave up a while ago trying to work out the line-up of the band since, I *think* the original singer is back in the group now. Remember when every week it felt like there had been 9 new Sugababes, keeping track of Hooverphonic is like that. Was nice to see them on Eurovision this year though! Who’d have thunk it!

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