2020 Top 100, Part 8.



Running In The Night by FM-84 / Ollie Wride

Synth royalty this song. FM-84 know how to craft a great synth song and Ollie has arguably the best voice for synthwave going at the moment.


Jason by The Midnight

This was the first Midnight song I heard and it’s what made me fall in love with them. Such a great duet between Nikki Flores and Tyler Lyle. I listened to it on repeat when I first heard it for fucking ages. It’s got such a great beat, her voice plays perfectly off his and it’s got superb instrumental work. Is it my fave Midnight track? I’m not sure. Lost Boy exists.


Trampoline by Shaed / ZAYN

What’s interesting about this (Again, I’m using interesting very loosely) is that I thought I’d listened to the normal version of this song, with just Chelsea Lee’s vocals and no sign of all caps ZAYN, so I was a little surprised to not even see that version in the chart. Really great song, and an album I’ve been trying to get on vinyl for a while now, but for some reason It’s always quite pricey! I don’t dislike this version over the other by the way, I just thought I’d listened to that one more!


Yesterday by The Beatles

Yesterday. It’s alright, innit, as far as songs go! Now, I assume Help” must be some people’s fave Beatles album, but I wonder what the percentages are. I’d assume the highest would be for Sgt Pepper, but how do the others fair. I’d also assume that Help! would be below Abbey Road? I’m not sure. I’d love to see it polled somehow. I wonder if that data exists. It must do, right? We have a fucking World Cup of Crisps for God’s sake. Rubber Soul and Revolver are obviously in the mix, too. Beatles For Sale could be a dark horse, as could, and I’m not wrong on this… Magical Mystery Tour. Note, I’m not asking what the best is, just what people’s fave is. Yes they are two different things. YES THEY ARE.


Mad About You (Live) by Hooverphonic

Hooverphonic seem determined to just ride this song into an early grave. I believe they released another version of it at the tail end of last year as they have yet another new vocalist! I’m fairly sure the last time I talked about them I’ll have made a joke about them going through vocalists like Spinal Tap with drummers. The original version of this is very much a more upbeat version of Glory Box by Portishead, which is not a bad thing. The live version from 12 years later, again with a different vocalist is a much better affair though. It really lands as it’s own song and removes a little of the Portishead comparison. Not all of it, mind you.


Beat 54 (All Good Now) by Jungle



Blinding Lights by The Weeknd

As I mentioned before, if vinyl plays were included, this would be higher and more of his music would be on the chart. This is a fucking banger though. The whole album is great but this one truly stands out. The rhythm is just so great and it has a brilliant simplicity which is what makes it so fucking catchy.


Prisoner by Har Mar Superstar

I knew this was going to be high up. My second fave song from the Bye Bye 17 album. It’s such a great record. Listen to it! I’ve spoken enough about Har Mar and will need to again soon so let’s leave it there for now.


Nothing Burns Like The Cold by Snoh Aalegra / Vince Staples

Expected more of Snoh in the chart to be honest. The whole Feels album is particularly brilliant. Tried to buy it on vinyl recently as they pressed more but they made it so that it only shipped to the US. Annoying as fuck. I hate when artists do that. You know you have fans all over the world, right? Sort your shit out.


Sunset by The Midnight

Endless Summer really has some fucking tunes on it, doesn’t it. This is probably the most “mainstream” song The Midnight have done, I’d say. As in, it’d be the most likely to break through onto the normal pop chart. It’s got the most pop kinda structure to it, it’s got a good beat, catchy lyrics. I can’t think of a song that would define those parameters better.

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