2020 Top 100, Part 7.



Happy Man by Jungle

More Jungle is always a good thing. I believe Happy Man was the first one I heard. If it wasn’t, it was Heavy, California. Again, No idea how I found them, but the attraction was instant and the love followed very shortly afterwards.

I’m a troubled man
I’m changed by the things I do
True, but it’s funny how they all remember you
It all could be different
Try to do something new
I’ve given everything
I want to be a happy man, too

It’s one of those instances when I just knew I was going to love the album, which is why I just bought it after hearing very little. Like when I bought Ash’s 1977 on cassette. Insert a fire emoji here or something. Can I even do emojis on here? OH GOD. So I clicked something thinking that it might have been a way to see if I could and it reformatted my entire page. NEVER CLICK THAT AGAIN DEVIL BUTTON! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ OMG I CAN!


Hard Headed Woman by Cat Stevens

I can’t express enough how much I love this song. It’s so fucking great. Taken from one of the best albums of all time, Tea For The Tillerman. It turned 50 years old in 2020. When I did my musical family tree a while ago, I think I attributed Cat Stevens to my Dad because I think I got into him through Bob Dylan, but I could be wrong. What I like about this song so much is how it changes from the softer picking of the intro and gentle strumming parts into the more aggressive playing of the bridge. This is also some of the best vocal work Cat Stevens ever did and I think it may well be some of his best lyrics. (I’m aware I opened a can of lyric worms like 5 songs ago).


I Don’t Care Anymore by Phil Collins

Another regular that I have to try and find something interesting… haha like any of this is interesting. Got ahead of myself there. I doubt there’s much to say about this that I’ve not said before. I used to like winding up my friend Garry with this song? Have I said that? I’d message him asking him how he was or something like that and then when he answered I’d just link him to this song. Childish but I liked doing it.


Don’t Leave Me Lonely by Mark Ronson / Yebba

Something new! Fuck Yebba has a gorgeous voice. This song is superb. I really love it. Generally speaking, most of what Ronson sticks his dick in is pretty damn good, but this is special. Her voice just elevates it beyond what it would have been with anyone else at the helm. He knows his shit and he chose the perfect singer for it. Well played, Ronson. Good video, too!


Casio by Jungle

More superb chill by Jungle. Think I’ve covered why these guys are so good now. Enjoy another good music video!


Holding Out For A Hero by Bonnie Tyler

β€πŸ˜€ Do I need to add anything else? I’m unstoppable now I have emojis. This has been a fave song of mine since I was about 3. My mum liked Bonnie Tyler so I heard this a lot. Pacey songs are my forte. Cracking vocals, driving rhythm, catch as fuck lyrics. This song has everything I love.


Ain’t It Fun by Paramore

Well, a more modern Paramore song ahead of Ignorance on the chart! Say it ain’t so. OMG I JUST REALISED THAT WEEZER AREN’T ON THE CHART THIS YEAR! I’m genuinely shocked by that. Say It Ain’t So has been on the chart almost every year. Anyway, Paramore! This is my fave of their more modern stuff. Captures the… fun… they used to represent.


Shadows by The Midnight

Shadows is the best song on Nocturnal. A bold claim I know, especially when my brain is completely letting me down on which other songs are on that album. My brain mashes them all together… Erm… It’s definitely better than Chrystalline, Collateral and Nocturnal… I think it’s main competitor would have to be River of Darkness. I’m confident with my claim. Ish.


A Hazy Shade Of Winter by Simon & G-Funk

Ahh yes, the original and still the best version or A Hazy Shade Of Winter. Songwriting at it’s fucking best. What a great riff, and overall composition. One thing that has always confused me about it, is that to me, it sounds like a great closing track. It should have been the last track on Bookends, but instead we got At The Zoo, which is a fine song, but Hazy would have been a better closer.


Kitsune by Gunship

Last year’s number 1 falls 30 places! Obviously still listened to it a lot, and rightly so, I still love it. It’s one of the best synthwave songs going as far as I’m concerned.

You set it alight with your fingertips
As the ice forms around your lips
Try to breathe in


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