2020 Top 100, Part 4.



This Feeling by Alabama Shakes

These things are such a pain to do. I’m starting to actually hate the entire process. Usually this stems from having to think of new things to say about songs that show up on a yearly basis, like the one after this, but this is the first time I’ve felt it about having to write about a song that’s new to the chart! Maybe it’s just because this is the first one I’m writing about today, who knows. This Feeling by Alabama Shakes in an instant classic. Britany Howard’s vocals are fucking sublime and the music is the exact right tempo and tone. Too many songs go for a similar feeling and end up being way too chill or not chill enough. This is perfect.


Never Tear Us Apart by INXS

Blah blah, Never Tear Us Apart is one of the best songs ever. See what I mean?


Jump (For My Love) by The Pointer Sisters

The Pointer Sisters! They were one of my first loves. We had Break Out on vinyl I *think*. People don’t seem to believe me when I say I was into music when I was only about 3 but it’s true. In fact, Break Out was ’83 I think, so I wasn’t even 2 probably. I used to listen to Jump all the time. It was my Mum that was the fan of these amazing ladies, which is why we’ll have had it in the house. Jump is pop royalty as far as I’m concerned.


Green Light by Lorde

“What?! You don’t love the beach?! YOU TOLD ME YOU DID!” There’s something about the lyrics to this song that are oddly specific. I appreciate the realism of things sometimes, but “She thinks you love the beach, you’re such a damn liar” seems VERY real. At the same time though, you have to ask yourself, who’s lying about that? “The beach? Yeah… I… love it!”. Whilst we’re on this, let me underline the main thing about this song in case I’ve not been clear in the past. This song is a banger and the ONLY good thing about Melodrama. You cocks that think it’s better than Pure Heroine can get fucked!


Clutch by Power Glove

Obviously, the first thing we need to do is get the whole Lucas Barton thing out the way like last year…

You think he has it on his Tinder profile? “I like being a dick to children who are younger than me, losing Super Mario Competitions, oh, and I LOVE The Power Glove”. Not really got a whole lot to say about the song. It’s a fine slice of the old Synthetic Wave we all love so much! I’ll also add that it’s perfect exercise music.


Wake Up Call by Nothing But Thieves

I came late to the Nothing But Thieves party but there was nothing left, because… they’re… all… thieves. You’re welcome for that joke. Get fucked.


Restless Leg by Har Mar Superstar

Har Mar first started making waves in… I want to say around 1999/2000, but it wasn’t until the brilliant You Can Feel Me from 2002 that he kinda made it. Then, over the course of 11 years he made 2 other albums that we can just forget about before finally dropping Bye Bye 17 in 2013. I find it odd yet great when artists turn to shit before releasing their best work. Many won’t agree with me, but then over 70 million people voted for Donald Trump.


Only Love Can Hurt Like This by Paloma Faith

Paloma has never stood barefoot on an upturned plug. This is a great song. I don’t really have a whole lot to say about it to be honest. I think it’s probably her best song. We don’t get a whole lot of ballads in this style anymore.


Youth by Daughter

12th in 2018, 66th last year and 63rd this year. It’s become a mainstay and for good reason. Sol gave it 9/10! No, the reason is Elena Tonra’s crystal clear vocals, and the drumming.


She’s Casual by The Hunna

The Hunna are an odd band to me. It’s like they don’t know what they want to be. She’s Casual is a great song though and I do enjoy sticking them on random every now and then. It’s got a lovely upbeat feel once the intro breaks yet it’s quite a sad song all in all. Boy loves girl, girl doesn’t feel the same way but maintains a friends with benefits type relationship, it ends with a sweet line, but there’s no happy ending for the boy. I mean, she’s with him “from the dark to the morning light” so you gotta assume she’s wanked him off at least once. That’s about as close to a happy ending as he’s getting. Ba dum tish.

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