2019 Top 100, Part 6.


Little Bird – Annie Lennox

Genuinely, one of my fave ever songs, when it comes to rhythm. The beat in this song is just perfection as far as I’m concerned. Annie’s voice over the top obviously helps. It’s a perfect slice of pop and is yet another reason why she’s one of the best vocalists we’ve ever had.


Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Tears For Fears

I love this song. This has been a staple of my listening since the 80s. Other songs come and go, but this has been here since the beginning for me. I rely on it. I just think it has it all. Great vocals, a good driving rhythm, great guitar work, decent lyrics. People shouldn’t cover it though, just leave it alone. Unless you’re Lorde. Are you Lorde? No! Leave it alone! Lorde did this song some justice. It’s a great cover. If you’ve never heard it, and I think we’ve taken a look at it before, but what the fuck, here it is…

The only thing I don’t like about the Lorde version is how long it is. Should have been longer. The main drawback of the Tears For Fears version is that fucking ponytail. Just cut it off and stop looking like a twat. ALSO! WHERE THE FUCK HAS LORDE GONE!? That’s a conversation for another time though. I feel like Lorde has pissed on Tears For Fears chips a bit here.


Close To Me – The Cure

WHAT A SONG! Firstly, I’m aware the video is out of sync. I didn’t make it, don’t complain at me. Secondly, WHAT A SONG! The video is a brilliant piece of film making and as far as I’m concerned is up there with the best videos of all time. For me, The Cure are timeless and they will continue to sound perfect for as long as I’m alive. They share that trait with The Pixies.


How We Feel – Panama

Hey! Something new to write about! Panama I got into just this year, they’re VERY good. This is the first of three Panama tracks to make it into the chart this year. They hit 47th, 43rd and then they’ve got one coming up in another part! Exciting. I like the simple beats, good vocals, and the slightly more chilled out vibe to this. It’s a great tune. Panama is essentially a music project of Jarrah McCleary who comes from Australia. After starting in 2010 he seems to have had a great deal of success through pushing music through Soundcloud. We’ve had a handful of EPs so far but no albums. I don’t see that changing to be honest. Seems to be how he wants to work! More soon in this very part of the chart!


Through The Cellar Door – Lanterns On The Lake

*softly softly… BANGS DRUMS* I love this song. I mentioned why in an earlier entry on the chart and now I have nothing left to add. If you’ve not enjoyed the music of Lanterns On The Lake, then in the style of Jaden Smith… I Suggest You Do With All Capital First Letters! Probably the best thing to come out of Newcastle in recent memory, this song comes from their 3rd album, Beings. I’m a huge fan of this album, it’s brilliant. I highly recommend it. Hazel Wilde is one of my fave vocalists at the moment!


It’s A Sin – Pet Shop Boys

This is yet another song that has very much stuck to me over the years and been a constant go to when I need something to help me feel a bit more motivated. It’s the rhythm, it just cheers me up. I also liked that it was the theme used for the Tour De France for some years. I really like the lyrics. They’re introspective but not over self-indulgent.


Diamonds – Rihanna

A former end of year chart song! Not last year however, this was on the list the year before. It charted at 22 in 2017. I felt like I’d written about this song quite a lot, but apparently, It’s only ever been on my site as part of that chart and I didn’t even write about it as I was struggling to feel inspired. Written by Sia, which I think is painfully obvious, I’m just a huge fan of how it’s sung. Not the tone or anything, essentially just the diction of it. The line “Palms rise to the universe, as we moonshine and molly” is sung in such a way that it flows beautifully. It makes it hard to hear what she’s said, but that’s the Sia of it all, innit!


Your Love (Lift Us Up) – Panama

This took me a while to find a video for as it turns out I’ve been listening to an alternative version of this song. The original is far more up-tempo and dancey. After having heard the original, I vastly prefer this version. I think it works better on every level! As mentioned above, this is the second entry for Panama on the chart with still another to come. I think they second this year in how many songs they have on the chart.


So I met Someone – VHS Collection

Yet another artist I got into this year after taking a deep dive into the kinda alternative electronic scene. These guys manage to span the gap of synth pop and indie rock. They’re very impressive. So I Met Someone exists just as a single. They have an album out, however, and again, it’s worth your time. I need to start putting all these albums into a fucking huge list to enjoy more of because even I’m not giving them the attention they deserve!


I Got 5 On It – Luniz

Now, this has been a mainstay of my music listening for sometime, however, it shot up the list this year thanks to the creepy remix that was done for the US video. It was a genius bit of remixing and worked a treat for that trailer. I can’t be pulled from the original though, and that’s why this is the version you see before you on the chart today!

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