Chris’ International Day of Music. 8.

Thought I’d start my own international holiday. I can’t guarantee other people will observe it as a) International, or b) a holiday, but nevertheless I’m making the effort. You’re not getting an extra day off work, so don’t get too excited. Enjoy the songs!


Since we’re in the area, more or less, and since I will exploit any excuse to listen to them, let’s go to Sweden! Roxette, baby yeah! Now, Listen To Your Heart and Spending My Time are my usual go-to choices here, BUT, they’ve both been Midnight Music picks! I’ve instead taken time to evaluate the rest of the Roxette hit parade and I’ve picked this little beauty! Incidentally, Roxette were responsible for a 400% increase in the sales of black tops and tight black pants. Take it or leave it that factoid. It may or may not be true.

Band: Roxette.
Song: Fading Like a Flower.
Location: Halmstad, Sweden.

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