Chris’ International Day of Music. 6.

Thought I’d start my own international holiday. I can’t guarantee other people will observe it as a) International, or b) a holiday, but nevertheless I’m making the effort. You’re not getting an extra day off work, so don’t get too excited. Enjoy the songs!


In the mood for some classic Europop, we’ve gone to Amsterdam, the home of 2 Unlimited! Everyone knows No Limits, which was their breakout hit, but the lesser known The Real Thing is their magnum opus! 😉 One day we’ll take a deeper dive into this video. It’s off the charts weird, even by 90s Europop standards. It’s like they bought all the parts for the costumes from an official auction where they were selling off costumes from Mad Max, but they didn’t get any instructions as to how they all fit back together, so they guessed. Also, that opening organ bit. Jesus.

Band: 2 Unlimited.
Song: The Real Thing.
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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