2018 Top 40, Part 2.


Childish Gambino – Heartbeat. (385 Plays)

Still my fave song of his and one of my all time faves now. It’s just too good in every way! Once again I’ve given myself barely any time for me to write stuff in about the songs so this is gonna be brief. Sure, I could just re-set the time that they’re gonna post, but where’s the fun in that.


Years & Years – King (Acoustic). (401 Plays, New Entry.)

The first of 2 Years & Years songs on the chart this year, both being new entries. I’d not really listened to them before hearing the other song that’ll be along later, but then I went back to the previous album and found this acoustic version of King, which is fucking amazing. I love it and much prefer it to the original version of the song. It just fits it better.


Lorde – Green Light. (417 Plays, New Entry.)

We don’t need to say much here other than THIS IS THE ONLY GREAT SONG ON MELODRAMA. GO FUCK YOURSELVES! Thanks. Think that’s covered that.


Nat King Cole – Let’s Face The Music And Dance. (444 Plays, New Entry.)

A true classic. Used at the end of Follow The Fleet it’s one of my fave songs of this ilk of all time. Obviously the song in the film is the Bing Crosby one.


Chvrches – Graffiti. (450 Plays, New Entry.)

Not the best Chvrches album, but one hell of an opening song. I love Graffiti. It’s very poppy but in the exact vein of pop that I long for.


Houston – Runaway. (452 Plays, New Entry.)

This song has been around for some time. I first heard it when I saw the Danny MacAskill video Imaginate, which I’ve included because it’s genius. Houston managed to make a proper 80s Rock song, which not many can do nowadays, especially as well as they did.


The Feeling – Rose. (456 Plays, New Entry.)

I couldn’t be bothered to get the accent for the e. Fuck you, French!


Boga – I Ran. (470 Plays, New Entry.)

A glorious cover of the Flock of Seagulls original. In the same style as the rest of the 80s slowed down covers that are doing the rounds. This works way better than most though!


Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song. (499 Plays, New Entry.)

Another total classic. Led Zep were a superpower. This had some extra playtime thanks to Ragnarok, but it’s always been a staple for me. It’s just 2 minutes of raw, unleashed rock. So fucking good.


Portishead – Roads. (505 Plays)

Fave ever song! Back again. As always! Still the best, still incredible, still vocally superb, still mind blowing emotionally. Yay!

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