2018 Top 40, Part 1.


The Lonely Island – Mona Lisa. (259 Plays, New Entry.)

So, here we are. Christmas Eve and I’ve left myself about 24 minutes before I have to go do stuff. What is about to follow is ten song blurbs that were done in one stream of nonsense. If you haven’t seen Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping then you fucking should, as soon as possible. All the songs in it are funny, but I think Mona Lisa is my fave. I’ve listened to the soundtrack a lot since seeing the film, but clearly I’ve favoured this! (I’m Humble is also amazing)


Luis Fonsi – Despacito. (265 Plays, New Entry.)

No! Not slowly, I have 22 minutes left until I have to go! This is entirely Sol’s fault. Well…. Not quite entirely. I’ve listened to it quite a bit as well. Honestly, I think it’s a great tune. Songs like this always intrigue me. You’ll notice we’ve gone for the original song. None of that Bieber bullshit here! (I don’t mind that version either), also, I love singing in other languages.


Abba – The Winner Takes It All. (297 Plays)

There aren’t many perfect pop songs. This is one of them. From their… I think 6th… studio album, Super Trouper, I’m still in awe that they were still churning out songs of this quality by the time album 6 rolled around. I believe we’re supposed to be getting some new Abba songs soon. Did I imagine that? I’m sure they’re writing again. I remember seeing it on the news! Hmm. 21 minutes left. Thank fuck it wasn’t seconds.


Jimmy Eat World – The Middle. (318 Plays)

Ahh, a classic. This has charted every year in the top 40 although I think this is the lowest it’s ever been! You’ll notice maybe at this point that I’ve not included songs positions in relation to last time. I couldn’t be bothered. I’ve tried to highlight new entries at least. Leave me alone.


Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face. (341 Plays)

Another classic of the chart. Again further down that usual though. This really is just an incredible fucking song. I think I’ve run out of stuff to tell you about it though? Did I tell you that the contact lenses he wears in the video fused to his eyeballs because of the heat? Fairly sure I did. If I didn’t, well them, all is well! Onwards and upwards!


Empire Of The Sun – On Our Way Home. (353 Plays, New Entry.)

What a song and what a video. Slick is how best to describe both. Incredibly well produced, a gorgeous sound and a fucking ace beat. Their vocal style is so fucking good! I love this song. I have a real thing for songs that really switch it up when it comes to choruses. Yummy all round! *checks watch* Eeeeek.


Pixies – Where Is My Mind? (356 Plays)

Yeah! Fucking hell the Pixies were good. So ahead of their time. I was about to start complaining that I’d messed up the punctuation in the song title, but I just corrected it and realised you’d never know. Unless I fucking talked about it. *sigh* Idiot. Anyway, enjoy the one of the greatest 80s bands ever! Ha.


When In Rome – The Promise. (371 Plays, New Entry.)

No surprises for anyone that knows me that this is one of my fave ever songs. It’s very on brand. I firmly believe in the lyrics as well. This is a shitty time of year for a lot of people for many different reasons. People tend to get force into social situations they don’t enjoy. Emotions are stronger, anxiety is peaked. Please remember:

If you need a friend, don’t look to a stranger
You know in the end, I’ll always be there
But when you’re in doubt, and when you’re in danger
Take a look all around, and I’ll be there


Billy Joel – This Night. (382 Plays, New Entry.)

BILLY JOEL IS NOT WHAT I NEED WHEN I’M IN A RUSH! *checks watch* 11 minutes to go. Taken from Billy Joel’s… 9th album, and one of SEVEN singles he released from the 10 track affair, This Night is classic Joel. An Innocent Man is very much Soul and Doo-Wop inspired. If, when you heard “An Innocent Man”, were thinking of the 1989 Tom Selleck movie, I commend you, but you’re in the wrong place. Again, anyone who knows me knows I love Billy Joel. This is one of the best songs on the album, and album that I may add contains some of the best cuts of Billy ever! I think this might be his best album actually. Imagine that, having your best album be your 9th! How crazy is that. I have lost the train of thought I never had. Hmm. What I love about the song is the classic style to it. It’s got an amazing vocal hook to it. He totally owns it, all the way through. He’s in charge of the music as he sings. I love that.


Alphabeat – Fascination. (383 Plays, New Entry.)

1 minute to go. Erm. Fascinating! Wait. I can do better. This song is fucking cool, and it’s fucking happy. I wish Alphabeat had done more in this ilk. It’s an incredible song that never fails to cheer me up when I feel down. The word is indeed on my lips. Fa. Ci. Na. Tion.

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