*slides into the room on the back of the door he just kicked in.* So, I’ve realised recently that I value a structure and routine to my life more than I ever thought. I believe what has made me realise this is the amount of upheaval I’ve recently had to my day to day life.

Firstly, the house move. That really messed me about in terms of what I could be doing on any one day. It was a massive job for one, stressful as fuck for another. Still, even after having moved, there are still jobs to be done, and now I have the added stress of actually being responsible. Anything that comes up can no longer be passed on to the landlord.

Next there’s the kittens. It’s been like having a baby again. Up late at night to feed them, having to be around all the time to keep an eye on them. I can’t just leave the house at a moments notice anymore as they need constant fucking attention. I love them, but bloody hell.

Then there’s the fact that Louis is home from University. It’s great having him around the house, but we’ve downsized from the old house so there’s less room than we previously had, but also it’s only a 3 bedroom house. There’s now 6 of us in it! 5 was too many to begin with, the 5th being Izzy, Felix’s girlfriend. It’s difficult to get some space at the moment, which is something I like.

What’s odd is, I have no structure or routine that I follow, it’s just the one of having time to do stuff. I don’t update this on a regular basis on a set day or anything. It’s weird. Hopefully, as the kittens get older, Louis goes back to Uni and the house gets sorted, stuff will return to normal.

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