Music Video Masterclass. 1.

I bang on about music videos that are shit (although still ace) all the time. I thought it was time I started to bring you the ones that are good!

Normally I put the videos at the end, but I think for this, we’ll have them first. Here is Go With The Flow by Queens Of The Stone Age!

Right, why is it so good? Because it fucking is! *sigh* That’s not going to be enough, is it?. Tonally this music video is spot on. The song has an abrupt intro, coming out guns blazing, so it needs a promo with a similar opening, the car coming crashing through the fence is the perfect way to do this, especially after the few seconds of intro to establish that it’s peaceful. The graphical style, and especially the colouring fits the tone as well. It’s dark, gritty looking, and raw in terms of detail. The fast tempo of the song is visually enacted by the fast cars and it works really well. The music and visuals couldn’t go together better.

Being a massive fan of silhouettes, I was never going to not like this video. If you also like Silhouettes, then you should check out the videos of Mark Romanek. He’s a great director and uses silhouettes often in his work. As for this, it was made by Shynola. If you’re not familiar with them they also made Junior Senior’s Move Your Feet, Radiohead’s Pyramid Song, and Coldplay’s Paradise amongst others. The overall theme of the song/video is obviously sex and this is brilliantly brought across in the video by the head on collision of the two cars, and there symbols on the bonnet/hood.

We then get the explosion of colour, which couldn’t be timed more perfectly. By this point in the video you’ve had enough of the dark dingy look and you’re after a change, and it delivers. It’s crossover into the psychedelic outro is brilliant. I’m not sure if they animation was done via rotoscoping or what but it’s excellent however it was done. It also manages to emit an air of coolness the entire time. The band look good, and you can tell who Nick and Josh are straight away, despite being low on detail. It’s very clever. Hope you enjoyed it.

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