Whenever The Fuck I Feel Like It Music. 3.

Do you have any regrets, Chris? Yes, Chris, I do. Not making a template for this fucking feature. Oh well, you live and learn. This is Whatever… no, whenever the fuck I feel like it music. lol, whatever.

Regina Spektor! The apple of my musical eye! I don’t talk about her a whole lot anymore. If you ever saw the previous incarnation of this website, then you’ll be sick to the back teeth with her, but alas, most of you won’t have. I think she’s INCRECLE! Or incredible. Her songwriting is beautiful and unique, but it’s her voice that gets me. It’s one of the best voices in music, ever, quite frankly. I also love her ability to write stuff, that when you see written down you’d go “Well… that’s not a song”. I’m going to get all mushy. On with the… whatever it is we normally do ne… LYRICS! I WAS LITERALLY JUST TALKING ABOUT THEM!

Yet despite this imperfection he was clean looking and respectable looking
And you’ll never find a mother who doesn’t appreciate a natural man
So he grew healthy aloe vera plants by the window

See what I fucking mean!

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