Whenever The Fuck I Feel Like It Music. 1.

So, this is a new feature. I think I’ve encapsulated what it’s about in the title. I’m good at naming shit, innit.

I’ve liked these guys for minutes & minutes. Which is odd, cos they’re called Years & Years. I. Am. Hilarious. Listen to it, if you can make it past the 4 hours of video intro. Now, I like a good music video, I like ones that don’t just start with the song even. But sweet jesus, get the fuck on with it. There’s a reason they’re called Promos. They’re advertising your song. So you know, maybe let people hear it without all the bollocks. Mmm. Bollocks. Anyway. What? GO FUCK YOURSELF!

I’ve totally forgotten how I usually do these posts. I wrote the code for them like 2 years ago. Erm. I usually put lyrics in next, don’t I. *sings* So don’t rape! Rape? *listens closer* So don’t break! Sanctify my body with pain! Sanctify the love that you crave (not to be confused with Krave). *end singing*. Think I’ve nailed this post.

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