Pam Love.


No, Pam isn’t playing tennis and failed to get any points… ha… ha… ha. I just thought I’d make a point out of the fact that the previous post had some Pam love in the form of the ‘featured image’. Bit of blog jargon for you there. Although, it’s not really jargon, since it’s super fucking obvious what it means. There isn’t really any blog jargon. It’s a very easy thing to construct, maintain, and populate. Especially if you do it the way I do it. Sticky Back Plastic, Anal Beads, Side 2 of any Donovan album and some Monkey Spunk. Don’t mix up the Spunk though. If you put in Camel Spunk by accident, you don’t get a blog. You get no sense of what the fuck you’re even talking about.

I’d rate Tiny Keybs a small success. I have however discovered that he has one major flaw. The quote marks you get when you press shift+2 on a normal keyboard are “. When you use Tiny Keybs, it’s the curly ones, and I can’t remember the alt number off the top of my head. They’re the proper ones you’re supposed to use when writing a quote out. However, for code, you want “. So, on Tiny Keybs, it wouldn’t read the behind the scenes coding properly. So I had to go back and re-do it. Tiny Keybs is a reference to David O’Doherty by the way, in case you hadn’t worked that out.

Fairly sure that during my mammoth 22 hours of work earlier/yesterday, I’ve managed to pull a muscle in my abdomen. Which, when you combine it with all the other pains of carrying and pushing stuff a combined distance of over 10 miles, is BRILLIANT.

What else is going on at the moment. Oh, boards for my comics, which I ordered as a bundle of bags and boards, still haven’t shown up. I emailed them about it after they didn’t show up the first time and I’m STILL waiting. Mother fucking, fuckeroonies!

In the time it took me to write that last paragraph I demolished an entire pack of Munchies. Do I feel bad about it? Yes. Yes I do! Also just realised that I’m now up against it, my laptop having informed me that I have 30% battery left.

I started writing a choose your own adventure book the other night as well. With Twitter in mind. Start with a Tweet and put a poll on it. The winning choice being how the story would progress. It’s difficult with the character count, but I might nail it someday. I’m also in the middle of writing the awards post for 2005. After that I’ve got 1988 and 1993 to do. Anyone who knows anything knows that ’88 is going to be pretty Pixies heavy, and 93 obviously has Creep! Will they show up? Who knows?! I know. Yes, they will. I’m listening to Where Is My Mind? at the moment as it happens. As I so frequently am.

Speaking of which, I was thinking earlier that I might add up the plays for the songs in each years top 40 that I do and see what I’ve listened to most. There’s a few staples that appear regularly that haven’t topped the chart. I bet it would look quite different if done like that. I imagine Eyes Without A Face would be close to the top, and Pixies. Hmmm. When I’ve got time. Which will be never.

Part-Time Lover is on now. This song is incredible, we’ve discussed it before so I won’t waffle. In fact, I should probably just shut up. I’ve reached the realm of being vastly overtired. Never good, especially for me when I have trouble sleeping anyway. I’ve just noticed that I can see the word count in the bottom left of the screen and it only updates when you stop for more than a few seconds so now I’m trying to write as much as possible so that it does’t update. It was on 593 when I noticed it so let’s see what it’s at when I finish this long tirade of nothing just so I can see how long I can type for without having to stop for more than a second. Going well so far, but to be honest I don’t know how much longer I can keep it up. It’s getting to the point where all I’m doing is saying about how much longer I can keep going and I’m going to end up just going in circles, which would be against the rules that I’ve just made up in my head. I’ve been drinking lemon and lime juice whilst doing this post and if I’m honest I made it a bit strong. I should have watered it down more as all it’s done is made me feel more thirsty, but now I’m locked into this challenge to just keep typing until I die or my hands seize up. That’s the other thing, I’ve got to be mindful of words I don’t know how to spell. There’s many of them. If I accidentally ran into one of them right now I would have to stop whilst I sorted that whole mess out so, thankfully for me, I’m moderately good at spelling. The fear is that I think of a word that I can’t spell and then I end up wanting to type it because I’ve thought about it. Anyway, back to the juice. It’s a very nice juice. If you happen to be in the soft drink aisle at Asda any time soon you should pick some up. Double Strength it says on the side of the bottle which now makes a lot of sense. Musically we’re now onto a bit of The Contours. Do You Love Me? I hope so. Especially since apparently I can write without stopping for an insane amount of time, the thing is I have no idea how many words I’ve done until I stop, which is infuriating as I might be super charged by the idea of hitting a certain landmark like 500 words or maybe even 1000 words, but I don’t think I should strive to hit that many. I don’t think I’d be able to do it anyway. Also, I don’t know how I’d work it out. When I typed the number it was on when I started up above, the count had obviously already moved on from that, so I’d have to add the words from before that to count backwards from 593 until I got to the place I was at when I started writing this. Holy fuck that’s just melted my brain. I know what I mean, but I explained it badly. I can feel myself tiring from this now. I have a Microsoft mouse for this laptop that I like a lot. Just thought I’d share that. Uh oh, fresh hell! The laptop just told me it’s down to 20%. I’m not for one second suggesting that I can write until it switches off, but the danger is if it goes down before I do finish, it won’t even save any of this as it hasn’t saved the draft either. Apparently it only does that when I stop typing for more than a second as well. Interesting. The things you learn. The other thing is that I can’t stop the paragraph as that would mean writing code, which isn’t as fluent as just typing inane utter shit like this. I guess I should probably draw it to a close and just stop now, just so I can see how many I did and feel absolutely fucking shit when it turns out it’s 999 or something fucking stupid like that. Should I stop, or not, or should I keep going, it doesn’t seem like it’s anywhere near the 1000 mark yet. Although I can’t count the words whilst I’m also thinking of what to say. Although again, am I really thinking of what to say. I don’t feel engaged at all, but then I did work 22 hours yesterday. So, really, who would be. Fuck it. I’m stopping in 3, 2, 1. OR AM I?! What a trickster I am. This is insane. Like anyone is going to even fucking read this. Balls to it. I’ve stopped. NOW.

774 words. That’s not bad is it! I mean, it’s quite bad, because it was all fucking bollocks.

And with that, I should probably just go to bed. Peace.

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