Tiny Keybs.

Right then, here goes. I’m going to attempt writing a blog post using a tiny keyboard for an iPad Mini. Genuinely it’s about the size of my hand. Wait though, I want a shower.

Time has passed and I’m now showered. Also I’m a little drunk. I didn’t drink in the shower. That would be weird. I’ve been out prior to starting this post.

So, how does Tiny Keybs handle? Not well. My fingers are the size of about 4 keys. Writing this post has so far taken about 10 minutes, when normally I’d have rattled this off in under 30 seconds. The keys press nicely though and I like how it attaches and holds the screen up. Although it won’t hold the iPad in portrait mode, which is a bit of a shitter.

In other news, my cup of tea tastes amazing. It’s not different tea to normal or anything… I don’t know why it tastes so much better than usual. Maybe because I’ve had alcohol.

Also in other news, I watched Justice League last night. What a mess it was… It looked bad because of CGI, the structure was all over the place, it was funny at times, but the rest of the time I was sat there thinking “Why have they done this?!”. But enough about Superman’s top lip, what about Justice League. It’s a clusterfuck of CGI, bad jokes, awful pacing, and bad casting. Fun though.

Until next time, p…. OMG, I did a pee for almost 50 seconds earlier. I knew it was going to be a long one so I timed it. So. Yeah. Until next time, poo believers!

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