Gaming Goals.


I came into this post with a plan. I had a great joke. I then forgot that joke and decided to start the post anyway with fuck all to say. In many ways, this is probably my most focused opening to a post ever. Actually, no, that was that one where I posted a picture with no words. Quick to the point. To the point. No faking. I’M COOKING MCs LIKE A POUND OF BACON!

So, I started the year with a vision. 500,000 Gamerscore! I want it! Half a fucking million! I started the year on 452,714, which means I need a whopping 47,286 points. I decided to give myself the year to do it. Not an easy target, but as you can see below, I have hit the ground running.


Just shy of 4% of the year gone and I’m already closing in on 15% of the score I need. 40,641 to go!

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