2017 Top 40, Part 4.


George Michael – Praying For Time. (551 Plays, New Entry.)

What a fucking tune. I really miss George Michael. If you didn’t see it, the documentary thing that was on a few weeks ago was absolutely brilliant. He was an incredible performer as well as an amazing song writer. I think Praying For Time was one of his finest songs, incredible powerful, moving, thought provoking and beautifully sung.


Sing Street – Drive It Like You Stole It. (607 Plays, New Entry.)

A great song from a great film. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first saw Sing Street, but it’s really charming and pleasant. The song itself is very well written to recapture that 80s feeling. So very, very good!


Tim Minchin – Not Perfect. (621 Plays, New Entry.)

This song is quite simply beautiful. Tim Minchin has an incredible talent of writing funny songs, that, whilst funny on the surface, and usually beautifully written when it comes to the music. Occasionally, he shows off his skills by writing songs that are not only funny, but that carry an amazing message. Not Perfect is the beacon of this.


Of Monsters And Men – Wolves Without Teeth. (624 Plays, New Entry.)

I really liked this from the first moment I heard it. Of Monsters And Men continue to impress me. I think they deserve to be bigger. Their voices are so perfect together, and have mastered who should sing each part of the songs they write. I like the video as well!

You hover like a hummingbird
Haunt me in my sleep
You’ll sailing from another world
Sinking in my sea, oh
You’re feeding on my energy
I’m letting go of it
She wants it
And I run from wolves, ooh
Breathing heavily
At my feet
And I run from wolves, ooh
Tearing into me
Without teeth

I really like that. It’s beautiful.


Boga – I Ran. (628 Plays, New Entry.)

Who’d have thunk it! Flock of Seagulls have sneaked a song into my top 10 for 2017. Not directly, obviously, but thanks to this blinding cover by Boga, they’re here! It’s yet another in a long series of covers that have been around the past couple of years, where bands have slowed down, simplified and orchestrated classic 80s and 90s hits, but I really think this one hits the mark. Very good!


Birdy – Give Up. (715 Plays, Down 4 places since last year.)

Birdy! Give Up is last years number 1 or something. It’s ace, I love it, I’ve gushed about it enough though. As usual, it doesn’t exist on YouTube so here is a link to listen to it. As long as last years link still works that is…



Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll. (753 Plays, New Entry.)

OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! I do love this song. Karen O is one of my all time crushes. She is super fine with a delicious looking mouth. So…. erm, anyway. I’ve not personally listened to this a whole lot this year, well, I have, but not by choice. Sol is obsessed with it, so it’s on a lot at home. I’d say at least 700 of that play count is him. He’s never seen the video mind you. Good video as well!


Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song. (782 Plays, New Entry.)

Who doesn’t love a bit of Led Zep. A classic tune for the ages, Immigrant Song is what rock and roll is all about. VALHALLA I AM COMING!


Alt-J – Tessellate. (823 Plays, New Entry)

I have listened to this a whole lot this year. Realistically this should be this years number 1, although when you read on further, you’ll realise why it isn’t. Tessellate is a great song. There’s nothing I don’t like about it. Lyrically it’s a little bit out there, but it has moments I really love. The beat, the piano, the sparseness, his voice, that bass. It all comes together in a great way.


Roachford – Cuddly Toy. (2,947 Plays, New Entry.)

So, you may have noticed the play count, you may not. TWO THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND FORTY SEVEN PLAYS! This is going to need an explanation. So, a while ago I had the week off work. I’d listened to Cuddly Toy in the office and as Alan had to make a phone call, I’d muted it. I then went off to do something, came back and it was time to take my week off, so off I fucked. A week later I return to find that Cuddly Toy has been playing on repeat for 7 whole days. To be fair, I do love the song. But like I said, I think Tessellate should have the crown this year, and we’ll give this one a special prize!

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