Whenever I need inspiration, I turn to a speech from 1991.

Yo, Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s about that time. The time, to bring forth both the rhythm AND the rhyme. Now, let me tell you, I’m going to get mine, so you should definitely get yours. I want to see the sweat, those beads of perspiration, coming from your pores. You may ask, how am I swinging this, and you’d be right to ask that. On the house tip, that’s how, people. I was accused of singing this and let me tell you, I am NOT. I’m strictly hip hop, people. What’s important is I’m bringing this to the entire nation. Not part of it. Not some of it. The ENTIRE nation. Blacks. Whites. Reds. Browns. I say to you, FEEL the vibrations!

Those vibrations, they’re good like Sunkist, remember that. Many will ask “Who done this?”, well it’s me, and I’m here to move you, the rhymes themselves will groove you, and because of that very fact, I’m here to prove to you that we, as a nation can party on the positive side and pump out those positive vibes. So, I’m here to invite you all to come along for the ride. After all, makin you feel the rhythm is my occupation. So FEEL that vibration. Come on! Come on! Feel it. FEEEL IT!

Now I’d like to pass you over to Donald, who’s going to talk briefly about our back up plans.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m on the back up. Drug free by the way, despite the allegations, so put the crack up. No need for speed either, I’m anti D. R. U. G. G. I. E. My body is healthy! You know why? Because these rhymes we are creating make me wealthy. This funky bunch have helped me to bring you a show with no intoxication. So, come on. Feel the vibrations!

Thanks, Donald. That was Donald D there, our drug enforcement officer.

Feel it, Ladies and Gentlemen. FEEL IT. Goodnight.

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