Skunk Anansie, Mother Fuckers.

A playlist of one of my all time fave bands. I don’t care that I go on about them a lot. You can get fucked if you have a problem with it. These aren’t in any particular order. I love some more than others, but these are the songs of their’s that you should have! Actually, tell a lie, I have kinda grouped them by two eras. Firstly, the stuff from and surrounding the Post Orgasmic Chill era, and then the stuff from Stoosh and Paranoid and Sunburnt. If I had to pick just three to say you HAD to listen to… Tracy’s Flaw, Pickin’ On Me, and probably Brazen, and then I’d hate myself for not saying Secretly and King Psychotic Size. OH! I’ve also included Carmen Queasy at the bottom. Not a Skunk Anansie song, but it was featuring Skin, and I like it. Enjoy.

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