Watch me original rub-a-dub style.


Again, I don’t know why I pick the titles I do, I just do. Mostly they’re samples from songs that for some reason I have a hard time forgetting. Then, for some reason, whilst typing that last sentence I had a blast of Ultimate Kaos running through my mind. Hoochie Bootie! They’re coming at you with a mental vibe! Now I’m going to have to find it and listen to it. *le sigh*. I seem to remember they were pretty all too young to be singing about booty. Remember, we all have Meghan Trainor to thank for bringing booty back!

So many questions raised. At least we know if we had them here to ask those questions we’d get honest answers. As well all know, lovers of booty have issues saying stuff that isn’t true. Right… what the fuck did I even start this post for?


Yes! TV Themes. That’s what I was thinking about! For the record, the “erm” above I wrote 2 days ago. That’s how long it’s taken me to remember what I was thinking about.

I love a good TV Theme and thought I’d post a few of my faves. Some of these TV Themes are full songs, others are the 30 or so seconds you see at the start of the show, some are just more of an intro than a theme, but all of them are good. Let’s see, what shall we start with…

Hawaii Five-0. The daddy of cop shows. All round brilliant TV theme. I didn’t watch too much of it when I was younger sadly and I’ve definitely given the remake a wide birth! Next up we have…

Golden Girls! If you don’t know the lyrics to this, you’re not really my friend. Fact. On to Cheers!

Great theme and a great song in general. Next up is Airwolf.

To this day I am baffled by the success of Airwolf. It was just a show about a helicopter essentially. What the actual hell. Was it a cold war thing? Someone explain it to me!


There is nothing wrong with your television set! Too cool. The Outer Limits was a great show. It was never as good as The Twilight Zone, but it had a better intro!

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