Hey Mami, you know that I like it when you call me Papi. Sorry, miles away there. You know when you listening to something and you’re typing and then you hear something and you end up typing the word you heard, rather than the one you thought. I hate that. Anyway! Blog time. How are you? Ven aqui, little Mami. Argh! Jesus. Right. I wish I could just concentrate enough to get this done but it seems like lately, baby, you’ve been seeing another chico! For fucks sake. Someone just kill me. Focus is what I need. The main problem is, I see the way you wiggle it, the way you move your body! Thought I had it for a second there. *bangs head against the wall*. No one is going to read this, so, Mami, tell me one little thing. FUCK YOU! I’ve had enough.

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