Life Goals. Update.


So, I started the year on… 377,331 and my target was to hit 400,000 by the end of March. Thought I’d do a quick update to say that I’ve abandoned that goal. I’m now going to try and do it by the end of January! In the first 16 days of the year, I managed to rack up a fairly impressive 15,845 points. Something that, given my usual yearly average, would take me about 210 days to achieve.

With that in mind, and my score now sat over 393,000 I’m going to try and finish my challenge within the next 15 days, meaning I need about 500 a day. Obviously that’s less than my current rate, but, I’m also running out of stuff to play that would allow me to score points with the most efficient use of my time. Either way, the idea of hitting the March target is now way too easy. I’d only need 80 a day or so.

So, here goes!

Oh! Before I forget, I have advice for people that have never played Life is Strange. Are you ready? PLAY LIFE IS STRANGE! Thanks, bye.

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