2016 Top 40, Part 4.


Robyn – Dancing On My Own. (572 Plays, New Entry)

This seems to happen every year where a slightly more unlikely pop song seems to breach the top 40. This year I guess it’s the turn of Robyn. Been a fan for a while of hers, ever since ‘Show Me Love’ in the 90s. Yes, that long ago! I love a faster beat in pop music, and I really love this song. I think ‘Be Mine’ is a better tune, but that was just outside the top 40, so here we have Dancing On My Own. Good tune!


Kenny Loggins – I’m Free (Heaven Helps The Man) (604 Plays, New Entry)

A classic and something I was waiting for on this chart. I knew it was going to be up there! Amazing 80s sound, nice transition from soft to more upbeat. A great song!


Korn – Here To Stay. (642 Plays, New Entry)

Not a massive Korn fan really, but I do love this and Freak on a Leash. Both great songs, but I’ve clearly listened to this way more this year. Not a massive amount of rock music on the chart this year which is a shame. Really must listen to more this coming year. Green Day are up soon though, so at least there’s that!


Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face. (655 Plays, ↑ 5 places since last year)

That’s right, Billy Idol is up 5 places from last years 12th position. This is such a good song. I don’t think I emphasised that enough last year. I have a few reasons. A) I think it’s a super cool song. 2) I love it when artist produce songs that aren’t the norm for them. Giraffe) Simple video, always good. Anal-Seepage) Great beat, and nice lyrics that could mean everything but at the same time sound like they might mean nothing. TUNE!


Green Day – Longview. (693 Plays, New Entry)

I listened to Dookie a lot this year, most of the album is sat around the 60 – 70 mark in the chart, Longview however, made it to number 6. It’s one of my faves off the album, and whilst not my very fave, it’s one I always think of fondly. It’s an amazing track and really captures that feeling you have when you’re of that kinda age. You’ll see what I mean. Enjoy.


Green Day – Macy’s Day Parade. (761 Plays, New Entry)

There are many Green Day songs that I love. When Warning came out, it was the first time I’d loved the entire album since Dookie. Macy’s Day Parade is the last track on Warning and there aren’t many better ways to close out an album.


Christine and The Queen – Christine/Tilted. (817 Plays, New Entry)

Kinda interesting this one. I have both version of this. Christine from a couple of years ago, and then Tilted from earlier last year. For those who don’t know, Christine and The Queens have been around for a few years now, first releasing a lot of their stuff in French only, and due to recent success, some of the stuff making the translation into English. The current album is a mix of both languages and unfortunately I don’t know them well enough to tell you exactly what’s changed. Christine was the original song, sang entirely in French, Tilted is it’s English/French counterpart. Some of it still sang in the original language, some of it translated to help it sell I guess. I think I prefer the whole thing being in French. Incredible video to accompany it as well. I love simplicity! Both version supplied for you below.


Wolf Alice – Silk. (849 Plays, New Entry)

This is just a tremendous song. It’s sooooo fucking good. Lyrically I love it, musically I love it. Can’t really fault it. It’s nice that it’s had a resurgence lately since it was used in the trailer for the new Trainspotting film. Coolios!


Birdy – Wings (Acoustic). (933 Plays, New Entry)

Birdy, innit.


Birdy – Give Up. (982 Plays, New Entry)

So, I had a really hard time finding a way for you to listen to this. It exists on YouTube but only as a bad quality live version. If the link below doesn’t work, then you’ll just have to find it yourself on Spotify or whatever! I think it’s the best song on the album, apparently Birdy disagrees though as she didn’t even perform it when I saw her live. Did I mention that I’ve seen her live by the way, because I have. Live. In the flesh. LIVE! Now, fuck off until next year! (p.s. don’t fuck off, listen to Midnight Music).


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