Midnight Music. 202.

Midnight Music is a daily post of a song that happens at midnight. It couldn’t be simpler. Today’s song is:

Salt, Pepa and Spinderella at their very finest! Although, only if you get the right remix! Salt n’ Pepa did a song called Gitty Up, which is… meh, but it was remixed with The Brick Song, ultimately becoming The Brick Song vs. Gitty Up, which is incredible! I’ve put the remix first below, and then the original track. Incredible what a difference it makes. I think it fits the lyrics better.

Gitty up baby, I’m-ah take you for a ride
It makes your soul wild, when I release vibes
Freak ya down, ’til your asthma hit ya
Salt, non-stop styles, lift ya
Make you wanna get your stash
Rollin’ like a Ben, no need
Got my own end, payer-haters never win
Cuz I’m involved to the end
Send chill up your skin, Poppie.

I totally typed that out.

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