2016 Top 40, Part 3.


Bruce Springsteen – Streets Of Philadelphia (452 Plays, New Entry)

Another song that was just beyond the top 40 last year, and another song that’s in my top 5 all time songs. Streets of Philadelphia is one of the few songs that can make me cry every time I hear it. I have to concentrate not to. A music video sang live to really capture the emotion of the song and you’re in musical nirvana.


Birdy – Skinny Love. (469 Plays, New Entry)

Having now seen Birdy live, I can tell you that she’s more talented that you realise. That’s fact. She’s incredible. Her cover of Skinny Love was my first introduction to her. I knew Bon Iver’s original, which I thought was amazing. The thing with covers is that people always try to compare them and decide which is better. Largely it’ll be whichever you heard, and fell in love with first. Sometimes a cover is so good that it transcends compare. Both version are excellent, that’s what matters.


Birdy – Wild Horses. (472 Plays, New Entry)

In case it’s not obvious, there might be a few Birdy songs in this year’s chart! Now is a good time to talk about being literal in music videos. Brace yourself… music videos are better when they’re not literal. There, I said it. There was actually a comment a few down from the top on this video with a girl saying “Why weren’t there any horses?”. It’s sad that people can’t look beyond the words in front of them when finding meaning in a song. Anyway, enjoy Birdy, as always!


Evanescence – My Immortal. (488 Plays, New Entry)

Really don’t remember listening to this that much, though I am aware I listen to it a lot. I think I may have done the classic Chris move of falling asleep with it on repeat at some point! Never mind! I do really like it, it’s probably their best song. Not that they had that many good tracks as a band but this is definitely one they’ll be remembered for.


Lorde – Royals. (498 Plays, New Entry)

This was largely from the middle of the year, I also listened to Tennis Court a lot, but that didn’t make the top 40! I think I’d forggotten how much I love it. It was on the radio one day, which I rarely listen to, and then I listened to it a lot over the summer. Great song. Simple, effective. Love it.


Grimes – World Princess Part II. (500 Plays, New Entry)

500 exactly! This year I got my hands on Grime’s 4th album, Art Angel and it’s pretty fucking good! This track is my fave however and I clearly listened to it a lot! If you’ve ever thought about getting into Grimes, then Art Angels is the perfect intro. It’s a lot more easy going than most of her other work. I highly recommend trying her out though!


Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. (508 Plays, New Entry)

A classic in every sense. Phenomenal song by a true giant of music. Been a fan as long as I can remember due to my Dad being a huge fan. We used to listen to him whilst playing snooker in our basement. We had two massive speakers that my Dad had made and in order to cut out the buzz they made from the bass, he’d made an air filter out of some straws and tights. Occasionally my Dad is pretty clever.


FUN – Some Nights. (513 Plays, New Entry)

Feel like I wrote about this recently. It may well have been a recent Midnight Music. If so, go read that or something. I’m losing the will to live. Roll on 2017.


Frank Sinatra – My Way. (541 Plays, New Entry)

Legend. I love this live recording of My Way. There’s something insanely special about seeing someone in their element, performing so well. Sinatra is a strong fave of mine. His voice was just perfect. I Won’t Dance will always be my fave of his but I’ve listened to this a lot this year. Maybe it was the way the year has been supremely shitty, I don’t know.


Birdy – Words. (545 Plays, New Entry)

I know, I know. Only 3 more of her songs to go though! It’s clear by now that I’m a massive fan. If it isn’t clear, then you’re a fucking moron. You probably are if you’re reading this, to be honest. Enjoy though, morons.

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