2016 Top 40, Part 2.


Weezer – Say It Ain’t So. (299 Plays, New Entry)

At 30 we have Weezer just missing out on 300 plays. Say It Ain’t So is a staple of my life, I love it. It’s just one of the coolest songs of all time. That’s how I feel about Weezer in general, though. Too cool for their own good! Not the only Weezer track in the chart either!


Foo Fighters – Everlong. (319 Plays, New Entry)

Not only is Everlong one of the best songs ever, it also has one of the best music videos! Learning this with my guitar teacher all those years ago is still pretty fresh in my mind. He’d never heard it before, if you can imagine such a person saying that, and he loved it. *scratches head* I wonder if I can still play it.


Jimmy Eat World – The Middle. (328 Plays, ↓ 20 places since last year)

I went on a lot about this song last year being perfect. I still think this is the case. It still amazes me just as much as when I first heard it. It’s still genius. I still get excited by it. Listen to it, improve your life.


Outkast – Roses. (340 Plays, New Entry)

I always find it surprising that Outkast have been around for as long as they have been. Formed in 1991, I first heard them in 1994. The reason for this is because, in 1994, TLC (who are coming up very soon) released one of the greatest album’s of all time, CrazySexyCool. Featured on that album is a track called ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ featuring none other than Andre 3000. Liking his voice as I do, I looked into more of his stuff and got into Outkast! As a bonus, I’ll stick TLC’s song after this as it’s cracking! I didn’t use the video for Roses as there’s a lot of filler before you get to the music! Same goes for the extra song. There’s no official video for it, so you get a fan made one!


Snoop Whatever The Fuck He’s Called Now – Gz And Hustlaz. (344 Plays, New Entry)

I gave up trying to keep up with what he calls himself. To me he’ll always be Snoop Doggy Dogg. Taken from the 1993 classic, Doggystyle, I think the oddest thing about this song is that it was never a single. It’s pretty much perfect in my eyes so I find that completely insane. Not only is it the best track off the album, it’s pretty much the best song he’s ever produced. Lyrically brilliant, amazing sample, funny, and catchy as fuck! What more do you need for an amazing single! Alas I guess he didn’t see it that way!


TLC – Creep. (354 Plays, New Entry)

As promised, here they are. TLC. One of the greats! As I said before, 94’s CrazySexyCool is one the best albums ever. It had a massive influence on my musical taste back then, I was 13 at the time of it’s release and it’s the only album, I think, that I own on cassette, MP3, CD, and vinyl! Most of my listening to of Creep came earlier in the year when I was feeling nostalgic. The rest of the album was further down the chart, but I think I had Creep on repeat and fell asleep. Ha!


Weezer – Beverly Hills. (383 Plays, New Entry)

And we’re back to the coolest band ever. Beverly Hills is so simple, yet completely amazing! Enjoy!


Shakespeare’s Sister – Stay. (407 Plays, ↓ 13 places since last year)

I’m surprised this wasn’t a little higher to be honest. I’ve listened to it loads. Obviously. But I thought it was more! Stuff that’s moved around the chart from last year, I try to take a look and see what I wrote last time before writing this so that I don’t repeat myself too much. Reading back I often come to the conclusion of ‘Why do I remember such inane, pointless facts’, and that is indeed a good question. I’ve also just realised that this was the song where I went off on one and wasn’t entirely sure where I was going! I’ve quoted it below!

“Stay is the result of two people perfectly suited to make music together. Siobhan has a wonderfully deep range, and Marcella can hit high notes like a fat kid gets hit for eating too much cake. Seriously, she destroys high notes. Like Jonny in the Karate Kid when he gets told to sweep the leg. NO MERCY! Or, in a similar theme, she might be the guy that runs the Cobra Kai Dojo, John Creese, and the high notes are the lives of children under his supervision. He. Ruins. Them. What the fuck am I even talking about.”


Pixies – Where Is My Mind?. (411 Plays, New Entry)

I have similar feelings about this as I do about The Middle. The exact same feelings I had when I first heard it. It blew me away. I was about 9. It was a couple of years after Surfer Rosa had come out. It was so unlike anything I’d heard up to that point. I remember it was on TV and obviously, being back then, we didn’t have the instant access to any content we wanted like we do now so I had to wait to get myself a copy of it! Nightmare! I’m not a big fan of waiting.


Portishead – Roads (Live at The Roseland, NYC). (446 Plays, ↓ 17 places since last year)

It’s my fave song ever. Has been since I heard it. I’ll probably die before hearing anything that tops it for me. I want to, though! Like I’m not so attached to it that I’d refuse something I liked more the top spot. I ALWAYS want to hear better and better music. It’s what I live for.

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