2016 Top 40, Part 1.

Time for this years Top 40 listened to songs! 40 – 31 coming up!


Sia – Elastic Heart. (187 Plays, ↓ 38 places since last year)

So, last years number 2 has fallen 38 places down to number 40! This is probably a good time to tell you that last years number 1 has fallen even further. Had I time to do more than just the top 40 songs, you’d find Chandelier at number 44, on 176 plays, so not far behind. The further down you go, the more songs there are on the same numbers. Having spoken about this song at length last year, I can’t be bothered to again this year. It’s not the only song from last year’s chart though! Enjoy the LaBeouf! Actually, whilst we’re at it, I’ll post the greatest thing ever below the Elastic Heart video. You’ll have seen it but I’ve not listened to it in a while and I was just reminded of it!


Johnny Cash – Hurt. (191 Plays, New Entry)

Hurt is a great song. It was a great song when Nine Inch Nails wrote and recorded it, and it’s arguably an even better song when Johnny Cash recorded it. Accompanying it we have one of the most thought-provoking and sad videos anyone has ever created. Mark Romanek, who directed the music video, did an amazing job. To be fair, Mark Romanek always does an amazing job. I knew he’d directed it as soon as I watched it for the first time, for one major reason, I’m a music video geek. Notable other Romanek video’s include Can’t Stop, by The Red Hot Chili Peppers, 99 Problems by Jay-Z and Michael Jackson’s extremely expensive video for Scream. The video really serves to back up the idea that this is his swan song. Cash died about a year after this, 4 months after the death of his wife, Joan. He had an incredible life and is sorely missed.


Becky G – Shower. (199 Plays, ↑ 1 place since last year)

Last year’s 39 is this year’s 38. How odd is that?! She’s gone up by 60 or so listens though. I guess I maybe listened to music more often this year than last. Easily possibly. I continue to really like this song and often listen to it in the actual shower, or in the morning when I’m taking a shit. True story. I just think it works really well, has great rhythm, and is fun to sing along to. It’s perfectly pop!


Flip – Girl. (214 Plays, New Entry)

From one perfectly pop song to another. In at 37 this year is a song I talked about at some point during the year, April I think is when I first heard it, so probably around then! Few songs are just so insanely catchy as this. The most notable thing about this song, to me at least, is the crossover from Japanese to English for certain words. I don’t know if that’s an production choice, or if it’s just that it makes the song flow better, or if it’s a language thing. Not a clue. What I do know, is that it was originally released in 2014, yet for some reason it seemed to pick up for it 2016. I’ll assume it was on a TV show or something. That’s usually the case.


Skunk Anansie – Tracy’s Flaw. (234 Plays, New Entry)

I’ve spoken a few times about how much I miss Skunk Anansie, but I did get a couple of questions about this! So, for the sake of being clear, let’s be clear! I miss the Skunk Anansie that released Paranoid & Sunburnt, Stoosh, and Post Orgasmic Chill. The Skunk Anansie that released Wonderlustre, Black Traffic and this year’s Anarchytecture, aren’t exactly the same band. Those albums are fine, a little messy in places, but I don’t hold them to the same standard in any measurable way. What I want, is my 90s Skunk Anansie back!


Public Enemy – Harder Than You Think. (236, New Entry)

Only a couple of plays ahead of Skunk Anansie in 36th we find the legendary Public Enemy taking the 35th spot. One of my fave memories of this song is when it was used for the 2012 London Paralympic Games advert on Channel 4. It was an incredible piece of filmmaking. Sadly, YouTube won’t allow me to embed it here on the site, but I can link you to it, so that’s what I’ll do! Here you go: https://youtu.be/tuAPPeRg3Nw


Jebediah – Run Of The Company. (240 Plays, New Entry)

I really wish I could remember how I got into Jebediah. Coming from Australia, this is track 13 of 1999’s Of Someday Shambles. Coming in at just shy of 7 minutes, it’s one of the longest songs on this year’s chart. I also wish I could remember why I started listening to it again, as up until around March I hadn’t heard it in probably 6 or 7 years!


Fun – We Are Young. (242 Plays, New Entry)

Another song that just does something to me. Aside from the product placement for Windows Phones in this video, I really enjoy it. I love the sense of reckless abandonment. I guess, given the current climate around the world, the time is now for us all to just say fuck it! Go nuts! Do what you’ve always wanted. We don’t have long left, enjoy it whilst you can. For one last time, let’s all be young!


George Michael – Careless Whisper. (242 Plays, ↓ 17 places from last year)

Eagle eye readers will have noticed how close together the last few songs have been, and the fact that we’ve just had our first draw! I put George above though, as IT’S CARELESS FUCKING WHISPER! The fact you had the audacity to question this makes me think you should just kill yourself now.


Timecop1983 – Lovers. (268 Plays, New Entry)

Just incredible. I’ve been listening to this a lot since around August. I think I first heard it just after I finished watching Stranger Things. I was on the look out for more electro pop, and stumbled straight into being a massive fan. I love the images in this video I selected as well. Swayze goes along perfectly with the tune. He was a dominant force of the 80s, especially in the genre of romance. The picture of him holding Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing genuinely fills me with happiness. It symbolises hope to me.

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